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With the release of the new 5G mobile phone, the localization of Tesla is expected to activate the aluminum application market

Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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With the release of the new 5G mobile phone, the localization of Tesla is expected to activate the aluminum application market
With the release of the new 5G mobile phone, the localization of Tesla is expected to activate the aluminum application market

Affected by the epidemic, mobile communication and passenger car industry chain, which occupy an important position in the national economy, have been impacted to a certain extent, while some aluminum suppliers in the upper reaches of the industrial chain have different degrees of reaction.

Jiangsu Yuefeng Industrial Aluminum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuefeng Aluminum") has been engaged in the industry for many years, and the main strategic development direction in recent years has focused on the production and market development of 5G mobile phone structures and new energy automobile parts. it is a rising star in these two aluminum application fields. At this special stage of development, Mr. Liu Lin, Deputy Chief engineer of Yuefeng Aluminum Technology, was interviewed by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Network to focus on the market situation of aluminum structures for mobile phones and the trend of aluminum application for new energy vehicles.

Shanghai Nonferrous Metal Network: according to incomplete statistics, both ZTE and Xiaomi have proposed to launch at least 10 5G mobile phones in 2020, while vivo will launch at least five 5G models. After Mate Xs, Huawei will launch its P40 5G mobile phone series in Paris, France on March 26th. It can be seen that the 5G mobile phone market will be very hot in 2020, but the emergence of the epidemic seems to cast a shadow on the whole industry chain. As a supplier of 5G equipment structural components, how does Yuefeng Aluminum treat the current application market?

Liu Lin: there are two main applications in the field of aluminum profiles in the development of 5G network, one is the metal structure of mobile phone, the other is aluminum for base station construction. As far as the current situation is concerned, the epidemic has a certain impact on the production and supply of the industrial chain in the short term, and the consumption of electronic products may be tightened in the first half of the year. But in the long run, 2020 is the year of the popularity of 5G. Driven by both the country and the market, 5G mobile phone is still the major trend of industry development and an important field of aluminum application. The new 5G mobile phones released by major mobile phone brands will be the new pedal for the application of mobile phone aluminum structures. we still need to continue to pay attention to the reaction of the consumer market after the launch of the new mobile phones.

For Yuefeng Aluminum, the company already has technical advantages in the R & D and production of 5G mobile phone structural components, and the construction and application of the new intelligent factory can alleviate the delay of employees' return to work and the lack of productivity to a certain extent, which makes Yuefeng Aluminum have the strength to cope with the crisis and changes in the market. As a supplier of 5G mobile phone parts to Huawei, the company began to supply Huawei P40 a year ago, and is now paying close attention to prevention and control while completing the rest of the order.

Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Network: in addition, according to the latest car sales data released by the Federation of passengers, retail sales of domestic passenger car manufacturers plunged 92% in the first two weeks of February compared with the same period last year, a record drop. Automobile consumption can be said to have dropped to a freezing point. What are your views and countermeasures on this market change?

Liu Lin: domestic new energy vehicles have entered the cold winter, orders have slid down, the consumer market is obviously affected by the epidemic, and the industry is in the stage of reshuffle. However, there is still a dawn in the depressed new energy vehicle market. In January 2020, Tesla Model 3 was officially delivered to the first batch of consumers, accelerating its domestic localization. Tesla's rapid entry into the domestic market has a catfish effect, which will stimulate the development of China's new energy vehicle industry chain, promote the further iterative upgrading of various brand products, and optimize the layout and development of the domestic new energy industry chain. this is good news for some aluminum suppliers.

Ningde Times, Changshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Nanshan Aluminum and other aluminum processing enterprises are Tesla parts suppliers. Yuefeng Aluminum is currently cooperating with Ningde Times to supply Tesla indirectly (aluminum profile of battery box). In the future market expansion planning, Yuefeng Aluminum will choose to achieve strategic cooperation with some high-quality new energy automobile factories to produce products such as body aluminum, so as to expand the company's advantages in the new energy automobile aluminum parts market.

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