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Yuefeng Alloy Division successfully produced 6005 photovoltaic alloy round rods

June 27, 2023
Recently, Yuefeng Alloy Division combined with market demand, in the alloy 3# line Φ127 casting rod successfully trial production grade 6005 high-strength deformation aluminum alloy rod, the product is the alloy class following the mass production of A356, A365.2, 6063, 6061, 6463 series of products after another new product.
Type 6005 high-strength deformed aluminum alloy bar is an aluminum alloy product second only to 6063 deformed aluminum alloy bar in industrial use. It is characterized by excellent plasticity, weldability, corrosion resistance and high tensile strength. It is widely used in photovoltaic, alloy pipe, wire, profile and plate manufacturing in industrial production.
In the process of trial production of this type of alloy rod, the alloy rod has overcome the adverse effects of high silicon (Si0.61~0.64) and high magnesium (Mg0.56~0.59) chemical composition characteristics on the casting process flow of Φ127 rod, and scientifically optimized the casting process parameters to ensure the start-up success rate of 100% and the qualified rate of finished product 96%.
Up to now, the 6005 medium strength aluminum alloy rod has been successfully trial-produced 4 furnace, the output of finished products 123.8 tons, the production technology is becoming mature, the future as long as the market demand can be mass production, timely delivery of quality products for customers.
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