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Yuefeng Aluminum 16 tons melting furnace group successfully produced 7 series of an alloy casting rod

June 19, 2023
At 18:00 on June 13, with the four bright and bright casting rods successively released, Yuefeng Aluminum 16 tons melting furnace group successfully cast a 7 series aluminum alloy at one time, which marks a major breakthrough in the trial production of 16 tons of melting and casting technology transformation project, laying a solid foundation for future mass production guarantee.
Since the trial production of the 16-ton furnace group, all the staff of the project team have carried forward the spirit of "holding the mountain peak not to relax", not afraid of difficulties and facing difficulties, after holding seminars for many times, summarizing the pre-production experience, solving various problems encountered, constantly adjusting and optimizing the production technology and process, and replacing the new hot top water pan. Under the premise of full preparation work, the pilot production operation can be successfully implemented, the operators in strict accordance with the planned plan carefully operated, with the fire red aluminum water like a swimming dragon through the degasser, filter box, and finally into the water tray to start casting, the whole process control is stable. After more than 2 hours of continuous operation, the cast rod with bright appearance finally came off the line, and all the performance indicators were in line with the requirements after testing.
The first trial production of a series 7 alloy is a certain challenge, which is a practical test for the stability of equipment operation, the level of personnel operation skills, and the control of process details. The successful trial production of this time makes all the casting people feel very happy and proud, and will inject strong impetus for Yuefeng Aluminum to achieve quality and efficiency improvement and increase production to promote high-quality development.
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