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Yuefeng aluminum undertake a national military standard project pre-examination will be held successfully

June 19, 2023
From June 6 to 8, Yuefeng Aluminum undertook the non-ferrous metals national military standard project pre-examination meeting held in Chengdu. The meeting was organized by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Standard Metrology and Quality Research Institute and hosted by Yuefeng Aluminum. 31 experts from 22 units such as the First Aircraft Design and Research Institute of Aviation Industry, Xi 'an Aircraft Industry Group Co., LTD., Chengdu Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., LTD., and Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute of AVIC participated in the pre-review meeting.
At the meeting, the relevant personnel of Yuefeng Aluminum introduced the content of the standard contract, the proposal review opinions, the standard preparation process, soliciting opinions and handling situations, etc., and the experts attended the meeting reviewed the standard pre-examination draft and the preparation description article by article, and put forward suggestions for amendments. After the revision of this standard, it will fully replace the original standard, unify the technical indicators of aluminum alloy conduits, standardize the quality control requirements and test results, provide a unified reference basis for product use units and production units, and help to further improve product quality, thereby promoting the high-quality development of equipment.
As a member of the National Non-ferrous Metal Standardization Technical Committee, Yuefeng Aluminum has been actively involved in the drafting of aluminum alloy related national and industry standards, has presided over the drafting of more than 10 national and industry standards, and participated in the drafting of more than 30 national and industry standards. The formulation and revision of standards play a positive role in the product expansion, technical level and product quality improvement of Yuefeng Aluminum.
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