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Yuefeng Aluminum successfully passed the weapons and equipment quality management system audit and certification

June 19, 2023
Recently, the military system certification audit team audited and certified Yuefeng Aluminum's weapons and equipment quality management system. The audit team conducted a careful, detailed and comprehensive audit of the design and development process, product and service requirement management process, strategic planning process and quality management system monitoring of all kinds of products within the scope of our certification. Finally, the audit team agreed that: our system documents are appropriate, the operation process is orderly, the operation results are effective, in line with the requirements of the quality management system standards for weapons and equipment, and successfully passed the first certification audit.
The weapon and equipment quality management system certification is the national military industry standard of the People's Republic of China, and it is a key for private enterprises to enter military industry enterprises. In order to steadily promote the management of military access qualification, the company set up a project research team to develop a comprehensive and detailed implementation plan, after a period of 3 months of unremitting efforts, from the improvement of quality management system documents, training of procedure documents, to the on-site operation and implementation, organization of internal audit and management review, a lot of preparation has been made. Finally, it ensured the one-time approval of the company's military system audit.
The military market has the characteristics of high entry threshold, strict system audit, large market space, high added value, and extremely strict market access requirements, especially for private enterprises, it is very difficult to obtain certification. Yuefeng Aluminum, as a domestic high-end aluminum profile and lightweight equipment manufacturer, has long been committed to the development of civil industrial profiles and terminal products, in order to seize the opportunity of the development of the national military industry, the company actively optimize the industrial layout, determined the military market development of the "three-step" strategy, the military system audit passed smoothly, It marks the first step for the company to successfully complete the "entry threshold", and has the qualifications and conditions for the development of military products, laying a solid foundation for subsequent military development projects and entering the military market.
In the next step, the company will base itself on a new starting point, accelerate the development of the military market, actively seek military-civilian cooperation projects, achieve technological breakthroughs in the military field as soon as possible, and provide new profit growth points for better and faster development of the company in the future.
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