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Yuefeng Aluminum 2023 key indicators to achieve a historic breakthrough

January 19, 2024
In 2023, Yuefeng Aluminum fully implements the spirit of the Party's 20 major, firmly promotes the theme education to go deep and solid, withholds the pressure of the external severe market environment, overcomes the influence of internal adverse factors, adheres to deep cultivation and continuous enabling, steadily promotes key work such as strong science and technology, improving quality, occupying the market, expanding the narrow mouth, reducing costs, and preventing risks, and the main business indicators are fully completed. Among them, the production and sales volume of A product increased by 11.2% and 9.54%, respectively, and the production and sales volume of high-end alloy increased by 16.8% and 9.89%, respectively, reaching a record high; The asset-liability ratio hit a record low, the operating cash flow achieved a historic breakthrough, the market competitiveness was significantly enhanced, and the pace of high-quality development became more solid and powerful.
Yuefeng Aluminum closely focused on the realization of effective quality improvement and reasonable growth of quantity, the whole level to carry out the "quality engineering quality improvement 2.0" special action, completed more than 300 on-site process and management standards, more than 2,000 basic management improvement work combing and improvement, product comprehensive yield increased by 2.17 percentage points compared with the plan.
Yuefeng Aluminum from the production and operation, scientific and technological innovation, management improvement of three aspects of precision, strict control of procurement, cost expenditure, to all elements of the standard, "five" cost control as the starting point, refine the list of key tasks to reduce costs, in all aspects to further increase cost reduction efforts, accelerate the pace of cost reduction, to maximize the digestion of raw materials, energy prices brought about by the adverse impact. Solid promotion of cost reduction work, the annual cost reduction of more than 100 million yuan.
In order to firmly stabilize the basic plate of production and operation, Yuefeng Aluminum actively built a community of interests with customers, accumulated 47 new development users, promoted the strategic supply of high-end materials and market development to a new level, the output of civil aviation materials ushered in new development, product production and sales rate and payment recovery rate reached 100%, and the quality of payment collection was significantly improved; The annual cash return ratio reached 51.5%, successfully completed the cash flow assessment target, and the quality of cash return was significantly improved.
Yuefeng Aluminum accurately docking to serve the national strategic needs, breaking through six key core technologies such as alloy composition optimization design and control, comprehensive performance matching wire deformation and annealing process coordination regulation, and realizing the localization of high-end aluminum materials such as new wire, and batch delivery of iterative materials in a number of key areas such as rare earth aluminum alloy. Fastener production line, the world's first megawatt high temperature superconducting induction furnace heating device successfully put into operation, adhere to the data as the key element, accelerate the construction of seven intelligent projects such as MES system phase II, highlighting the transformation and upgrading of Yuefeng aluminum high-quality development.
Yuefeng Aluminum Party Committee attaches great importance to the construction of industrial workers, and a group of industry leaders such as "national technical expert" and "National May Day Women's pacesetter" have emerged in 2023. Yuifeng Aluminum actively implemented the three special actions of "expanding narrow mouth, increasing production", "improving quality and reducing cost", "grabbing orders, competing for shares, ensuring delivery, and strong service", implemented monthly information, quarterly summary and analysis mechanism, and 13 projects of expanding narrow mouth labor competition, driving production capacity to increase by 20%.
Through positive publicity in more than 20 authoritative media such as CCTV and Xinhua News Agency, Yuefeng Aluminum's image as a major power has been strongly "out of the circle", and its social influence and brand awareness have been significantly improved. Yuefeng Aluminum adheres to sharing the results of reform and development with employees, vigorously promotes the practical activities of "I do practical things for the masses", and builds a closer "community of destiny" between enterprises and employees.