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Yuefeng Aluminum Technology: Seize the new energy vehicle lightweight aluminum track!

January 19, 2024
Since this year, Yuefeng Aluminum transformation and upgrading key products automotive plate production and sales have repeatedly achieved good news. In 2023, Yuefeng aluminum auto plate production increased by more than 35% year-on-year, sales increased by more than 40% year-on-year, automobile exterior plate broke foreign monopoly, passed more than 10 well-known auto brand OEM certification, obtained more than 30 models of material fixed supply qualification. Yuefeng Aluminum jumped to the top supplier of domestic automotive panels, firmly grasped the huge market opportunity of aluminum for new energy vehicles, and seized the lightweight aluminum circuit for new energy vehicles.
Yuefeng Aluminum has always kept in mind the "country's biggest", market-oriented, with rock-solid confidence, only the strength of the day and night, perseverance, step by step to make the car plate market bigger and stronger, and the car plate has achieved the original breakthrough of "0 to 1", the application transformation of "1 to 100", and the mass production development of "100 to 10000".
The little lotus is showing sharp corners
In order to solve the outstanding problems in the large-scale application of domestic materials, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2018 to carry out the "National new material production application demonstration platform construction project - New energy automotive material production demonstration platform" bidding.
Knowing this opportunity, Yuefeng Aluminum quickly set up a team, completed the communication and material preparation work with the rest of the project application joint in a short time, and finally successfully won the bid for the new energy automobile material production demonstration platform project.
In March 2019, Yuefeng Aluminum made deployment to accelerate the construction project of automotive plate production line. In the face of new equipment, process and technical problems, Yuefeng aluminum projects, equipment and production personnel have always maintained the firm belief that automotive panels can be put into production as soon as possible, and have been put into production line construction day and night.
"As the pioneer of Yuefeng Aluminum Blue Garden project, we have a great responsibility and a glorious mission to build 'Yuefeng Aluminum Southeast coastal Aluminum deep processing base' on a deserted beach." In April 2023, Wang Kaifeng, the monitor of an automotive panel class of Yuefeng Aluminum Manufacturing, shared the responsibility and mission of the team at the Yuefeng Group Model Workers and collective commendation conference.
It took only 81 days for the special-shaped cutting equipment to cut out the product from installation, the continuous heat treatment line and surface treatment line installation tasks were completed about 50 days ahead of the original plan, and the continuous heat treatment line completed the roll product offline in only 110 days, creating a new record for the installation and commissioning progress of the same type of equipment in the industry. The project was successfully put into production in November 2019, and the products can meet the requirements of variety, specification range, product performance and quality of various series of automotive aluminum sheets. In December 2023, the project was awarded the "National Quality Project Award 2022-2023".
Suddenly came like a spring breeze in the night
"The automotive industry's strict quality control of raw material suppliers and high after-sales service requirements are the crown of large-scale mass production of civilian products." Yuefeng aluminum sales company light weight department employees recall.
In the face of high standards and strict requirements, as a raw material supplier, Yuefeng Aluminum integrated the internal forces of the company before the project construction, and set up a new automotive panel development team, bringing together engineers and technicians with rich field experience and scientific and technological research and development experience to carry out pre-research on lightweight new materials and new technologies.
"We accumulate the data parameters of aluminum alloy automobile materials through various ways such as attending meetings and visiting, and use the original equipment conditions for trial production and explore the process." Automotive panel new product development group members said.
New product development business, behind the hard sweat of developers, lifting plate sampling, testing and analysis thousands of times, tracking research, a research report, provides a scientific basis for corporate decision-making.
It is precisely because of the planning and layout of new energy vehicle new product research and development work in advance that Yuefeng Aluminum can shorten the research and development process of automotive panels and lay a solid foundation for "making good materials".
"Auto plate obtained the main supply of a well-known car enterprise mass production project!" "The car plate has passed the Oems certification of well-known car enterprises!" At the early adjustment meeting of Yuefeng Aluminum operation, marketers reported good news again and again.
By the end of 2022, Yuefeng aluminum auto panels can meet the requirements of all aluminum alloy materials for new energy vehicles in the top 30 in domestic sales.
Soar to 90,000 miles
In the process of marketing the car panel, Yuefeng Aluminum keenly found that the 6 series car body outer panel is a real "card neck" product, long-term dependence on imports, and the 5 series car body inner panel technical threshold is relatively low, has basically achieved localization.
"Thanks to the Yuefeng Aluminum automotive panel project team in the 6-series automotive panel process prototype development and industrialization work, Yuefeng Aluminum 6-series automotive panel in turning performance, paint brush line and parking stability to reach the level, coupled with our strong production quality control system, Yuefeng Aluminum 6-series automotive panel has the conditions to replace imports." Yuefeng aluminum technology R & D personnel said. Technological innovation and quality control of the core strength, so that Yuefeng aluminum marketing staff in the development of the market full of confidence.
The green factory successfully registered the green trademark "YF", launched the "Carbon footprint Calculation Tool for Aluminum Processing products", achieved mass delivery of green and low-carbon products, and a number of products obtained the carbon footprint certificate of China Quality Certification Center... The new model of "raw materials + energy + production + accounting" full process green, low-carbon and low-cost production built by Yuefeng Aluminum provides partners with green and low-carbon "package" solutions.
In 2023, Yuefeng Aluminum fully tapped the "urban mine" resources, and the waste aluminum recycling reached a new high, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1.18 million tons; The distributed photovoltaic power generation project was successfully connected to the grid, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 34,000 tons.
Yuefeng Aluminum green low-carbon automobile plate brand has won the favor of the world's large Oems, and has obtained the qualification of a number of well-known automobile enterprises suppliers. The market share of Yuefeng aluminum automotive panel ranks among the top 3 in the industry, among which the market share of body covering parts outer panel ranks among domestic suppliers.
"Relying on green and low-carbon advantages, a number of well-known car companies continue to promote cooperation with Yuefeng Aluminum, accelerate material certification work, Yuefeng aluminum automotive panel industry influence significantly increased." Yuefeng aluminum sales company in charge of confidence.