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Yuefeng Aluminum achieved a "good start" in the first quarter

April 11, 2024
In the first quarter, Yuefeng Aluminum company adheres to the idea of a chess game, focuses on the development requirements of "three new and one high", anchors the goal of "doing a good live aluminum industry", compacts responsibilities in multiple areas, develops measures in various aspects, comprehensively coordinates and coordinates, and fully implements the main production and operation indicators. Operating income, industrial output value and profit increased by 3.1%, 7% and 56.3%, respectively.
Adhere to the stability of the production of "acceleration"
Since the beginning of this year, Yuefen Aluminum Company has taken steady growth as its goal, optimized the production organization, efficiently connected the electrolytic cell maintenance and production work, coordinated the start and stop rhythm of the electrolytic cell, continued to stabilize the operation state of the electrolytic cell, maintained the operation of the electrolytic cell with a high opening rate, and maintained the momentum of stable and high production of electrolytic aluminum. In the first quarter, the opening rate of the electrolytic cell reached 99.3%, achieving an increase of 9,000 tons, and the opening rate and output were the best records in history.
Yuefeng New Materials Company to overcome the impact of the Spring Festival holiday, in advance planning the needs of major customers, to ensure sufficient production orders, casting and rolling production line to maintain more than 53 lines running, 4 cold rolling production line full load production, aluminum coil production increased by 6,000 tons, since the establishment of the factory quarterly high; Yuefeng New Materials Company optimized the deployment of operators, orderly organization of casting rod production, aluminum rod output completed 103% of the plan.
Adhere to the development of market through sales "fast road"
In order to further develop the market, at the beginning of this year, Yuefong Aluminum Company set hard indicators of product sales, took the initiative to connect with downstream liquid aluminum customers, and took stage incentive measures to improve liquid aluminum sales, and the local conversion rate of liquid aluminum increased by 5.9% year-on-year, creating the best level in history.
At the same time, Yuefeng Aluminum Company increased market research and judgment, flexible use of spot, futures two markets, accelerate the sales progress of aluminum products, the first quarter of electrolytic aluminum production and sales rate reached 100%; Reasonable allocation of resources, flexible control of sales rhythm, take the initiative to explore the market, increase aluminum sales, aluminum coil sales increased by 0.95 million tons, aluminum rod production and sales rate completed 100%, inventory maintained at a relatively low level.
Adhere to improving quality and efficiency to enhance the "gold content" of development
In order to effectively implement the measures to stabilize growth, Yuefeng Aluminum Company focuses on aluminum processing, and solidly carries out the work of improving quality and efficiency and benchmarking and benchmarking, and strives to promote the coordinated development of enterprises.
Yuefeng New Materials Company continued to optimize the product structure, allocate resources in accordance with the principle of maximizing benefits, and strive to increase the output of high value-added products such as aluminum foil blanks, electroplating materials, lighting materials. In the first quarter, the output of thin specification products accounted for 27%, and the effect was more than 9.6 million yuan.
Yuefeng New Materials Company took the initiative to carry out management improvement research, from the output, indicators, quality, sales and other aspects of the list to grasp the implementation, fully open the limited links of aluminum rod production and sales, and constantly reduce processing costs, to achieve production standards and sustained profits.
Put efficiency first and implement "hard measures" to reduce costs
Yuefeng Aluminum Company firmly established the concept of "too tight", actively studied and evaluated the price trend of raw materials market, implemented flexible quantitative procurement strategies with points and aspects, actively responded to changes in alumina prices, and continued to reduce raw material procurement costs. Among them, the use of long single lock quantity and temporary single supplement method to increase the negotiation of price reduction with suppliers, reducing alumina procurement costs of more than 6 million yuan; Scientific research and judgment of the market, to avoid the disadvantage of the high price of aluminum fluoride, adopt a reduction strategy, and reduce the procurement expenditure of 3.4 million yuan; Reasonable control of anode carbon block procurement rhythm, the implementation of quality and quantitative strategy, prompting suppliers to reduce prices by more than 10 yuan/ton, anode carbon block grade A product rate increased by 6.6 percentage points, saving procurement costs of more than 4 million yuan.
In addition, Yuefeng Aluminum Company continues to promote the limit of cost reduction, optimize the "accounting operation" model, layers of transmission pressure, and actively carry out clearance and inventory, repair and waste activities, spare parts material cost pressure drop of more than 10 million yuan; Strictly control all expenses and expenditures, and reduce non-productive expenses by more than 10% compared with the planned pressure; Overall planning of raw material structure, reduce the cost impact caused by rising raw material prices, increase the proportion of new energy, electrolytic aluminum full cost reduced by 429 yuan/ton.
Adhere to overall planning, seize the development of "new drivers"
Based on the present situation, we must also focus on the future. In order to seize the development of "new momentum", Yuefeng Aluminum Company flexible use of trading rules, analysis of spot trading policies, research and judge the supply and demand changes in the power market, reasonable allocation of medium - and long-term power purchase and spot power purchase ratio, reasonable matching of monthly and weekly trading power, trading price compared with the annual plan to drop 0.0837 yuan /kWh.
Not only that, Yuefeng Aluminum company established a daily analysis, daily summary of the working mechanism, closely focused on wind and solar energy resources, actively study the province's supply and demand, delivery balance relationship, explore the spot market price trend, a full range of "D+3" power market transactions, the overall lower transaction price of 0.0640 yuan /kWh.
In the next step, Yuefeng Aluminum Company will compare the task list of the Group company's seven sessions of the fourth Staff Congress and the group company's business planning goals in the second quarter, mobilize all cadres and workers to promote key work with greater vigour, greater efforts and greater results, ensure the effective landing of various business measures, and strive to complete the "double half" task goals.