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Yuefeng Aluminum won the title of "Gold Supplier" of AVIC West Flight 2023

April 11, 2024
On April 10, AVIC West Flight 2024 Supplier Conference was held in Xi 'an Yanliang. Wang Kaifeng, chairman of Yuefeng Aluminum, was invited to attend the meeting and took the stage to receive the "Gold Supplier" medal.
It is understood that since 2023, Yuefeng Aluminum has given full play to its technical advantages, implemented Yuefeng Aluminum Group's "Red Flag project" mission with a high sense of responsibility and mission, accelerated the upgrading of industrial line equipment, promoted the continuous improvement of technology research and development level and product supply assurance ability, and continuously optimized product quality and service quality to improve user satisfaction. It provides a solid guarantee for the smooth promotion of each supporting guarantee task of AVIC West Flight, and stands out among 409 suppliers of AVIC West Flight in 2023 with good quality and supporting services, becoming the only gold supplier of aluminum in the category of raw material suppliers (gold suppliers account for no more than 3% of all suppliers).
In the next step, Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to uphold the original intention of the industry to serve the country and the mission of an aluminum-based power, implement the deployment of the "New Yuefeng Aluminum" construction ahead of the year, focus on the construction of "one body, two wings, four bases" and "six new East Light", adhere to the concept of excellent quality, guarantee and service, and continue to deepen the strategic partnership with AVIC West Flight. Cooperate with AVIC West Flight to complete the work of supporting products with high quality and contribute more to the development and progress of the national aviation industry.