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Yuefeng Aluminum Alloy Division C80 open car aluminum alloy strut development project was installed and tested

June 9, 2023
Following the successful trial order at the end of 2022, recently Yuefeng Aluminum's 99.99% high-purity aluminum ingot products were successfully exported to the US market again, further improving the market share and efficiency of the enterprise's high value-added products. The export products are used in the production of cosmetics packaging materials, which have high requirements for products, marking that the "Yuefeng" brand has gained a foothold in the international market.
It is understood that in 2007, Yuefeng Aluminum introduced the international advanced segregation method of high-purity aluminum production line, through continuous digestion, absorption, re-innovation, completely independently mastered the high-purity aluminum core technology, of which 99.996% high-purity aluminum won the Chinese non-ferrous metal products physical quality Gold Cup award, and obtained the product carbon footprint certificate, Products are widely used in aerospace, electronic light foil, capacitors and other fields. At present, Yuefeng Aluminum has an annual output of 60,000 tons of high-purity aluminum, which is the largest enterprise in the world producing high-purity aluminum monomer by segregation method. As the high purity aluminum technology center of Yuefeng Aluminum Group, Yuefeng Aluminum has increased scientific and technological innovation and technological research efforts in recent years, and strives to break through the "jam neck" constraints, and successfully developed high purity aluminum products with a purity of 99.999% in 2022, laying a solid foundation for better serving the national strategy and opening up new markets.
Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe situation of tight international and domestic demand and market supply impact, Yuefeng Aluminum has earnestly implemented the work requirements of Yuefeng Aluminum Group "close to market demand, customer-oriented, constantly carry out technological innovation, product upgrading and new product incubation, and realize the market transformation of research and development innovation results". Relying on the efficient and flexible operating mechanism formed by the contractual reform of the tenure system, on the basis of fully guaranteeing the national strategic needs, we keep an eye on the overseas market order needs, actively change marketing strategies, and constantly optimize and improve products and services. Accurately analyze and judge customer needs, so as to successfully sign orders; Precise production scheduling, keep an eye on transportation customs declaration, achieve seamless connection with foreign shipping schedule, and win customers' praise.
At present, Yuefeng Aluminum high-purity aluminum products have been successfully exported to Japan, Canada and the United States market, and brand awareness has been further improved.
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