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Yuefeng Aluminum alloy products by the United States ship market pass

May 8, 2023
On May 5, Yuefeng Aluminum received the certificate of recognition from ABS Classification Society of the United States. The aluminum alloy products produced by the company have passed the field certification and have the market access qualification of the United States ships.
Yuefeng Aluminum started preparation for ABS certification in October 2022. Under the guidance of Manufacturing Department of Yuefeng Group, the Technical Quality Department organized the casting plant and extrusion plant to actively carry out the preliminary preparation for the certification. In accordance with the American ABS Rules and regulations, combined with the characteristics of the aluminum industry, we submitted the approval application materials in November 2022, organized special production of aluminum alloy products to be approved, and conducted a large number of sample tests.
Because of the recognized aluminum alloy products, the production technology is difficult, production planning personnel and the relevant production plant close cooperation, for the certification work smooth "green channel". In the recognition, the surveyor of Yuefeng Aluminum alloy products quality assurance system, quality inspection and inspection, process equipment production capacity, personnel capacity, sub-supplier management, logistics and warehousing and other nine aspects of the comprehensive evaluation, and finally passed the ABS classification Society field certification.
This is Yuefeng Aluminum products through the recognition of foreign classification societies again. With the expansion of Yuefeng Aluminum alloy products market, there will be more products to the international market.
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