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The launch ceremony of Yuefeng Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd. is a complete success!

May 8, 2023
On May 5, the launch ceremony of Yuefeng Aerospace Industry Co., LTD., a joint venture between Yuefeng Aluminum and Aerospace France, was held in Nanjing.
In response to the industrial development goal of national industrial upgrading, Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has achieved a breakthrough in the domestication of aviation aluminum alloy materials, and has been a batch and stable supply for many domestic and foreign aviation customers. In the next step, Yuefeng Aerospace will base on the new starting point, adapt to the new situation, grasp the new opportunities, seize the momentum, spare no effort to do well in business, always bear in mind the corporate social responsibility and responsibility, and make contribution to the local economy to achieve high-quality development.
In recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum seized the opportunity, based on its own complete aluminum industry chain advantages, extending down to machining, table processing and assembly links. Yuefeng Aerospace Industry Co., LTD., a joint venture founded by the company and France Aerospace, has promoted factory renovation, equipment installation and commissioning, supplier development, AS9100 certification and other key work. At present, the company has realized small-batch production testing and has the conditions for mass production. In the future, the company will firmly grasp major opportunities, deepen and implement major strategies, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's civil aviation industry.
It is reported that with the support of Yuefeng Aluminum and Figeac Aero, Yuefeng Aerospace has obtained the AS9100 quality management system certificate on March 30, 2023, which is qualified for batch production delivery. The whole process of forensics only took 3 months, which proved to the customer the excellent ability of the project team and the support of shareholders for the project.
Yuefeng Aerospace relies on Yuefeng Aluminum's advantages in aeronautical materials and Figeac Aero's decades of experience in aeronautical parts research and development, technology and manufacturing. After integrating the advantages of shareholders, Yuefeng Aerospace will have the ability to integrate the supply chain of minerals - metal smelting - aviation materials - parts processing - surface treatment - parts assembly - parts design, manufacturing and technical capabilities, mature aviation quality management capabilities and extensive market resources.
Yuefeng Aerospace will be committed to breaking the limitations of the existing aviation parts enterprises, providing new supply chain solutions and optimization solutions for global customers, and providing innovative value for the global aviation manufacturing industry.
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