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Yuefeng aluminum alloy research and development breakthrough: 6B61 brand successfully registered!

March 27, 2024
Recently, the aluminum alloy brand independently developed by the Yuefeng R & D team has passed the review of the China Non-ferrous Metals Standardization Technical Committee and was officially registered as 6B61. The alloy was developed by Yuefeng National Technology Center and Yuefeng Research Institute Doctor team, in August 1, 2023 formally submitted to the National Non-ferrous Metal Standardization Technical Committee of the alloy registration grade application, after review, publicity and other procedures, successfully registered on March 11, 2024.
6061 alloy is widely used in automobile structure, but it has been difficult to improve the mechanical properties and extrusion properties. In automotive and battery tray design, the original multiple parts welding/riveting process is gradually replaced by integrated design, section design is becoming more and more complex, more and more cavity, the extrusion of aluminum alloy and strength, toughness, quenching sensitivity, dimensional accuracy and so on put forward more and more challenges. At present, the 6061 alloy composition in the national standard GB/T 3199 can no longer meet these latest technical requirements. To this end, Yuefeng carried out a new composition design for 6061 alloy, and after a long and complex test and testing, applied for a new 6061 grade 6B61. The newly registered alloy has the advantages of good extrusion performance, low quenching sensitivity and high toughness, which is especially suitable for the production of battery tray side beams, automobile threshold beams, curtain walls and tent columns, and is suitable for rapid extrusion. The alloy can effectively expand the application range of 6061 alloy, improve its production efficiency and reduce the production cost.
The successful registration of Yuefeng 6B61 aluminum alloy marks another important step on the road of alloy research and development, which is conducive to the company to occupy a dominant position in the fierce market competition and enhance the technological initiative and the right to speak. In the future, Yuefeng will continue to carry out more material technology innovation to meet the market's urgent demand for high-performance aluminum alloy extrusion materials, and promote the high-quality development of the industry with new quality productivity.
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