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Yuefeng Aluminum and a university to carry out the academic exchange of recycled aluminum

May 24, 2023
Recently, at the invitation of Yuefeng Aluminum, Professor Liu Qiang and Professor Wang Jun from a certain university went to Yuefeng Aluminum to carry out academic exchange on solid state regeneration of high quality aluminum alloy.
During the exchange, the head of the technology center introduced the planning and development of Yuefeng Aluminum in recycled aluminum technology, as well as the company's achievements in promoting scientific and technological innovation of circular economy. From the perspective of international technology development and domestic enterprises' technology utilization, Professor Liu Qiang shared with you the technical bottlenecks and equipment upgrading faced by solid state recycled aluminum preparation. During the communication, it was also made clear that the enterprise's utilization of solid state recycled aluminum preparation technology plays an important role in implementing the national carbon reduction policy and promoting the development of the company.
Prof. Liu Qiang and Prof. Wang Jun spoke highly of the achievements made by Yuefeng Aluminum in recent years in the development of dual-carbon economy, production and management, scientific and technological innovation and other aspects. They hope to strengthen the cooperation between the university and enterprise, give full play to their respective advantages, and jointly promote the high-quality development of both sides.
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