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Yuefeng Aluminum won the Wuxi metallurgical industry "mechanized replacement, automation reduction" outstanding enterprise title

May 24, 2023
Recently, Wuxi Emergency Management Bureau organized the "Mechanized replacement, automation reduction" commendation conference of the city's metallurgy industry and other industries, to commend the city's metallurgy industry and other industries and trade "mechanized replacement, automation reduction" excellent enterprises, excellent technical support enterprises, Yuefeng Aluminum won the title of outstanding enterprise.
In recent years, the company closely focused on the key point of science and technology, focusing on the key links of production, through mechanized operation, automatic production, intelligent management and control to reduce operators, strive to achieve no casualties, and effectively improve the company's intrinsic safety level. In the aspect of intrinsic safety improvement, the multi-functional crane laser anti-collision and safety grating functions are added to realize automatic parking in the presence of personnel or personnel operation; The phosphorous iron ring belt is equipped with the functions of entry stroke detection, isolation net, electronic grating and interlocking emergency stop to realize the belt stop operation when the personnel enter; An interlocking emergency stop device is installed at the entrance of the stacker area. The belt stops running when personnel enter or work, so as to prevent injury to personnel entering. In terms of mechanized replacement and automatic reduction of personnel, the company builds electrolytic aluminum intelligent factory based on the construction of digital process and intelligent application on the industrial Internet platform, completes the automatic upgrading of equipment for key processes and high-risk positions, introduces intelligent equipment such as automatic slslag robot, automatic dressing robot and wireless measurement of tank bottom temperature, and improves the overall automation level of the company. The system replaced the personnel operation and reduced the number of post personnel by 113. The goal of less humanization and no humanization of high-risk posts was achieved, and the high-end, intelligent and green development of the company was effectively promoted.
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