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Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd.'s 7M55 aluminum alloy new product was successfully trial-produced

December 8, 2023
On December 4, after several rounds of R&D and trial production, Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. successfully trial-produced high-performance high-zinc and high-copper super-duralumin alloy 7M55 casting rods.
7M55 is a new aluminum alloy grade named by Yuefeng Aluminum's customers to meet specific performance requirements, which has the characteristics of ultra-high strength, high toughness and excellent corrosion resistance, and has great market potential. Its alloying degree is as high as 15%, which is 5% higher than the alloying degree of 7 series super-hard aluminum alloy used in normal production, and its iron content, copper content, zinc content, zinc-magnesium ratio have reached a high level, and the production difficulty is extremely high.
In the process of trial production, the R&D personnel of Yuefeng Aluminum worked closely with the front-line workers to overcome difficulties, continuously optimize the alloy composition, adjust the process route, overcome a number of technical bottlenecks, and broke through the key technical problems such as fast crystallization speed, high molding difficulty and large crack tendency, and successfully cast high-quality casting rods.
As a production, sales and technology research and development enterprise of aluminum alloy tubes, rods and profiles mainly based on duralumin alloy products and featuring extruded pipes, Yuefeng Aluminum Company has the leading extrusion equipment in China. In recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the aluminum processing industry, continuously increased R&D investment, built a customer-centric service-oriented manufacturing industry, promoted the development of product varieties in the direction of specialization, high quality and high added value, and made "Yuefeng Manufacturing" go abroad.
100 refining into "gold". Yuefeng Aluminum will take this opportunity to adhere to the core values of "green, innovation, integration, true faith, hard work, and true success", closely focus on the strategic positioning of "three platforms and four goals" of Jiangsu Provincial Investment, further strengthen enterprise management, vigorously promote scientific research and innovation, and enhance the leading level in the field of high-performance super-hard aluminum alloy casting, so as to provide strong impetus for expanding sales channels and enhancing market competitiveness.
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