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Yuefeng Aluminum's advanced detection technology helps the C919 domestic large aircraft soar into the blue sky

December 8, 2023
Recently, Yuefeng Aluminum has used advanced testing equipment and automatic image measuring instrument to accurately detect C919 domestic large aircraft window frame material, which greatly improves the dimensional accuracy of window frame material processing.
In recent years, in order to implement the deployment of the state to promote the digitalization and intelligence of the manufacturing industry, and meet the user's high-quality requirements for "zero defect" products, Yuefeng Aluminum has closely relied on the National Aluminum Industry Metrology and Testing Center to vigorously accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain informatization and intelligence, and realize the overall improvement of product quality, production efficiency, energy measurement and testing capabilities and levels. In July this year, more than 30 pieces of equipment in 17 major items, such as automatic measuring devices for forging dimensions, were installed and put into full operation in the main production lines, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the enterprise.
Yuefeng Aluminum realizes the automatic detection and results of the same type of window frame material by automatically programming and measuring the closed-loop contour automatic scanning and high-precision laser measurement after the image measuring instrument establishes the coordinate system. At the same time, the test results can be fed back to the processing process, and the processing process can be controlled to meet the requirements of the processing size. Through the continuous improvement of testing technology and the gradual upgrading of testing equipment, Yuefeng Aluminum has completely solved the problems of incomplete, incomplete and inaccurate testing on site in the past, and met the needs of C919 domestic large aircraft forgings and other products for high efficiency and high precision, so that the testing level has reached a new level.
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