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Yuefeng Aluminum was listed on the list of "Top 100 High-tech Enterprises in Xuzhou City".

December 8, 2023
On November 30, the Xuzhou Science and Technology Bureau held a press conference to officially release the list of "Top 100 High-tech Enterprises in Xuzhou City" in 2023. With the characteristics of strong innovation investment, excellent innovation output and high innovation performance, Yuefeng Aluminum was listed on the list of "Top 100 High-tech Enterprises in Xuzhou in 2023".
"2023 Top 100 High-tech Enterprises in Xuzhou City", mainly from the three dimensions of "innovation input", "innovation output" and "innovation performance", has formulated a special selection index system and selection method, based on the statistical annual report of high-tech enterprises of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, calculates the enterprise score and sorts and screens the shortlisted enterprises, and finally verifies the data, credit and other conditions of the shortlisted enterprises to determine the final list of "Top 100 Innovative Enterprises".
In fact, from the beginning of the concept of "science and technology prospering Yuefeng, quality creating a famous brand" in Yuefeng, scientific and technological innovation has become the core of Yuefeng Aluminum. Since 1999, Yuefeng Aluminum has always adhered to the development strategy of "leading the headquarters of the North and the South", from the innovation of production process technology to the performance improvement of aluminum profile products, from energy conservation and emission reduction to product greening, from automation to digital intelligence, from diversified aluminum product application to aluminum application and aluminum processing green industrial chain... For more than 30 years, Yuefeng Aluminum has invested no less than 10% of its revenue in R&D investment every year, and has become the most valuable asset of Yuefeng Aluminum through continuous accumulation and technological innovation.
In 2023, Yuefeng's high-end energy-saving profile production base (Jiangsu No. 2 Factory) will be successfully put into operation, opening the second venture of management digitalization, intelligent manufacturing, industrial greening, and high-end products, promoting the burst of aluminum profiles towards a higher level of innovation, accelerating the transfer of technological achievements, continuing to build a green aluminum recycling industry chain, and finding a way for scientific and technological breakthroughs for the upgrading and development of the aluminum industry!
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