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Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. was identified as Anyang green factory

April 22, 2024
Recently, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology released the list of the first municipal green factories in 2024. After the self-assessment of the applicant unit, the preliminary examination of the district (city) level industrial and information authorities, the organization of expert demonstration, evaluation and other links, Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. was identified as the Anyang green factory.
In recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum company has always adhered to the concept of green development, and has carried out comprehensive upgrading and transformation from raw materials, production processes, supporting facilities and equipment, and improved the production level of clean, green and efficient. The company adopts low nitrogen degreasing environmental protection technology, and adopts counter-current rinsing, pre-cleaning before degreasing (hot water washing) water-saving technology; Using electrostatic spraying process, dust waste gas treatment equipment treatment efficiency ≥99%; Construction of green spray treatment workshop, using water-based paint instead of oily paint, volatile organic waste gas through water curtain + two-stage glass fiber cotton filtration + zeolite wheel + three-chamber RTO purification process, VOCs removal efficiency reached more than 95%. The company has won the provincial-level intelligent workshop, Jiangsu Province domestic clean production advanced and above level enterprises and environmental performance grade A enterprises.