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Yuefeng Aluminum company through the equipment and facilities management system certification

October 12, 2023
Recently, after the evaluation of the authoritative certification body, Yuefeng Aluminum company successfully passed the equipment and facilities management system certification, won the equipment and facilities management system certification, and became the first equipment management system standard enterprise in the electrolytic aluminum industry in the country, marking the company in the equipment technical transformation, equipment performance improvement, equipment and facilities life cycle management and other aspects of a new level.
It is understood that the equipment and facilities management system certification is a third-party management system certification activity based on ISO41001:2018 "Facility Management System Requirements and Guidelines" issued by the International Organization for Standardization and T/ CAPe10001-2017 "Equipment Management System Requirements" issued by the China Equipment Management Association. The certification covers the whole life cycle management of equipment, helping enterprises to achieve a fine management level in the early management of equipment, equipment use and maintenance, and can better guide enterprises to strengthen equipment management and improve equipment management performance after certification.
In recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum company adheres to the innovation-driven development strategy in equipment management, constantly innovates the concept of equipment management, enhances equipment and equipment with scientific and technological innovation, and accumulatively obtains 93 invention patents and utility model patents. Only in 2021, the investment of scientific and technological funds reaches 890 million yuan, and the investment of equipment and equipment upgrading and maintenance costs reaches 190 million yuan. It accounted for 3.0% of the main business revenue. Through the promotion and application of the all-graphitized cathode electrolytic cell "aluminum electrolytic material circulation system" and "all-electrolyte start-up technology", the start-up cost of the electrolytic cell was reduced by 150,000 yuan/unit, and the efficiency was 56.5 million yuan; Popularize the application of electrolytic cell side furnace wall repair, saving the overhaul cost of 16.49 million yuan. Completed the optimization of intelligent control system of electrolytic cell, automatic welding production of steel and aluminum, green short process casting and rolling aluminum deep processing filling and completing more than 10 professional technical upgrading in the industry; Complete the major scientific research achievements in the industry such as embedded intelligent control of large-scale aluminum electrolyzer and integrated innovation and industrial application of green carbon reduction technology, the development and industrial application of optimized control technology of 500kA aluminum electrolyzer furnace, and support the technical and economic indicators of electrolytic aluminum and aluminum processing main equipment to reach the leading domestic and international advanced level; It took 4 years to complete the preparation and publication of professional equipment management manuals such as operation procedures for electrolytic aluminum 330kV substation and equipment maintenance manuals for molten metal areas, which were used as guiding books for equipment maintenance and management in the electrolytic aluminum industry, filling the historical gap that there was no reference for grassroots inspection and maintenance personnel.
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