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Yuefeng New Materials was selected as a national digital transformation implementation pilot enterprise

October 12, 2023
Recently, the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the list of national digital transformation implementation consulting service institutions, Yuefeng new materials with the positive exploration and work results in digital transformation, successfully selected as a national digital transformation implementation pilot enterprise.
It is reported that the digital transformation implementation pilot enterprises need to have a good high-level and deep integration of information technology and industrialization, and have experience in implementing standards in relevant fields. The main goal is to cultivate a digital transformation service ecology, enhance the enterprise's digital technology integration and application capabilities, and promote the improvement of digital transformation results in key regions and key industries. Help to form a good atmosphere of "learning standards, understanding standards, and promoting transformation", and explore ways and accumulate experience for the large-scale promotion of digital transformation standards.
In recent years, Yuefeng new Materials online operation of the production, supply and marketing integration and production and manufacturing system, adhere to the production information "highly unified" principle, in the promotion process to adopt the "unified planning, unified version, unified construction, unified standard" construction method, with information driven industrialization, industrialization to promote information, open the road to industrial digital transformation.
The successful selection of the "National Digital transformation standard implementation pilot" is a full affirmation of the enterprise's technical strength, innovation ability and digital and intelligent management mode. Yuefeng New Materials will take this opportunity to continue to increase investment in enterprise digital transformation, improve the current production information system control platform of the enterprise, and further achieve intensive production management. Continuously improve the operation efficiency of the production management system, enhance the ability of production control, and promote the digital and intelligent development of enterprises.
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