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Home - News - Yuefeng Group won the 2023 Foshan Top 100 enterprises, Top 100 private enterprises, Top 100 manufacturing, Top 20 international list!

Yuefeng Group won the 2023 Foshan Top 100 enterprises, Top 100 private enterprises, Top 100 manufacturing, Top 20 international list!

October 12, 2023
On the afternoon of October 10, at the 2023 Foshan Entrepreneur Activity Day and Foshan Top 100 Enterprises Conference held by Foshan Enterprise Federation and Foshan Entrepreneur Association, the 2023 Foshan Top 100 Enterprises, Foshan Top 100 private enterprises, Foshan Top 100 manufacturing industry and other lists were officially released. Yuefeng Group has been listed for many years, fully demonstrating Yuefeng's strong comprehensive strength and competitiveness.
Yuefeng Group was invited to participate in the conference, and won the honor of Foshan Top 100 enterprises No. 72, Foshan Top 100 private enterprises No. 56, Foshan Top 100 manufacturing enterprises No. 37, Foshan Top 20 international enterprises No. 15, which is the pursuit of high quality product production, focus on manufacturing innovation, product innovation, scientific and technological innovation for more than 30 years. Focusing on becoming a leading enterprise in the aluminum industry is also the encouragement and encouragement of Foshan City Government for Yuefeng Group to continuously develop new products, promote high-quality product manufacturing, take root in industry and adhere to hard work, and drive the high-quality development of the industry.
As China's leading aluminum profile enterprise, Yuefeng Group has been committed to "do better, go faster", up to now, Yuefeng Group standard system has a total of 879 technical standards, 420 management standards, 351 working standards, a total of 1650 items, to meet the needs of production, operation and service activities. As a national consumer standardization pilot unit, Yuefeng Group actively participates in standardization activities at home and abroad, leading and participating in the revision of more than 100 national standards, industry standards, local standards and group standards. Yuefeng Group has always insisted on building a new aluminum profile industrial cluster, improving the industrial organization structure, seeking progress in stability under the guidance of the Foshan government, actively coordinating operation and development and safety production work, and actively exploring overseas markets. It has won the title of "Guangdong Famous Brand", "Foshan Nanhai Leading Enterprise of Science and Technology", and won the first batch of "opening list" and key fields of science and technology research projects in Nanhai District, and one invention patent was awarded the 24th China Patent Award "Excellence Award", which submitted a satisfactory answer for the high-quality development of Foshan.
In the face of future development opportunities, Guangdong Yuefeng Group, as one of the top 100 enterprises in Foshan City, will take this honor as a new starting point, continuously comprehensive and in-depth, diversified layout, consolidate the long-term development strategy of the enterprise, improve product quality, continue to innovate and develop, and take "create a global brand, build a hundred years Huachang" as the enterprise vision to improve the competitiveness of products in the world. It contributes to the high-quality development of Foshan's local economy, seeking change and innovation, and seeking change in layout.
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