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Yuefeng Aluminum completed the maturity evaluation of quality management system

May 17, 2023
According to the arrangement of cross-evaluation of quality management system maturity of Yuefeng Group, from May 8 to May 12, Yuefeng Aluminum accepted the inspection and evaluation of relevant personnel of the group branch.
The on-site evaluation lasted for 5 days. The evaluation team started from the four dimensions of PDCA cycle of quality management and carried out item-by-item verification and evaluation on the ten departments of the company. The evaluation centered on 7 first-level evaluation clauses and 28 second-level evaluation clauses of "organizational environment, role, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation and improvement". A total of 23 advantages and 19 suggestions were verified. The evaluation team communicated and confirmed the problem suggestions with quality business personnel of all departments on site. The final meeting was held on May 11th, attended by Deputy General Manager Yue Feng aluminum, heads of all departments and quality managers.
The review aims to find out the shortcomings in the operation of the company's existing quality management system. Mr. Wang stressed that the suggestions put forward by the evaluation team should be accepted in full according to the order, requiring all departments to strengthen the contact and communication with the evaluation team, and to clarify the direction and path of improvement in view of the problems, take measures, actively improve and effectively improve the quality management level of the company. Promote the maturity of quality management system to a new level.
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