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Yuefeng aluminum doors and windows Chen Jinyan: focus on products, focus on technology

October 28, 2019

Abstract: in the building materials industry, the door and window industry belongs to the category of low attention, do a good job of products, so that dealers sell easily, consumers naturally have a good reputation.

Walking into the exhibition hall of aluminum alloy doors and windows in Yuefeng, Wuxi, the doors and windows with both texture and beauty appear to be very atmospheric. Yuefeng aluminum factory is located in Jiangyin, the company has been established for nearly 20 years, Jiangyin is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The brand was founded by Wang Guohua and his brother Wang Guoqiang, one in charge of factory, research and development, and the other in marketing. From the beginning of the company, Wang Guohua has been very clear about the importance of product quality, to do high-quality doors and windows to provide consumers with a safe home.

In just an hour of conversation, Wang Guohua talks about the function and technology of the product. He spent 13 years studying the technology of doors and windows, starting from the source of materials, developing aluminum profiles on his own, solidly solving every detail problem, and insisting on doing: discovering and improving the last detail. To really deal with the pain points of the door and window industry. Wang Guohua is not only the founder of Yuefeng doors and windows, but also a practical "technical expert".

The door and window industry in the building materials industry, is a low-attention category, do a good job of products, so that dealers sell easily, consumer word-of-mouth is naturally good. Factory systematization, specialization, front-end and background management is good, the enterprise can operate better. Yuefeng aluminum doors and windows in the 20 years of business road, has been moving in this direction. Based on the love of the door and window industry, focus, dedication and investment, Yuefeng in the steady development of the road, positioning precision, comply with the trend, the achievement of today's famous aluminum alloy doors and windows in the Jiangsu market brand.

The following is the core content of the interview by Wang Guohua, chairman of Yuefeng aluminum alloy doors and windows:

Reporter: the development course of the company, the management idea of the company

Wang Guohua: our company was founded in 1993. For nearly 30 years, we have been focusing on the production and research and development of doors and windows. The company's business philosophy is the high requirements of product quality, the requirements of enterprise management. We choose to work with our same partners.

Reporter: is the current market dominated by Jiangsu?

Wang Guohua: in the early stage, he recruited some dealers from other provinces, mainly in Fujian and Zhejiang. Through the feedback from the market, and then readjusting the market strategy, we find that the brand advantage of regionalization will be better. For example, compared with inland areas, the requirements for the performance of doors and windows in Jiangsu are certainly different. Fujian is a coastal city, coastal, typhoon days, wet, but also waterproof, our company for these functions to optimize and upgrade, especially in the doors and windows waterproof, sealing performance has done a lot of research and development.

Reporter: now the competition in the door and window industry is becoming more and more fierce, homogeneity is also very serious, as a regional brand, what competitive advantages does Yuefeng have?

Wang Guohua: good doors and windows do not mean that you can do it if you want to do it. Although the starting point of this industry is not high, it takes the accumulation of experience and technology to make really good doors and windows. Our company specializes in doors and windows for 25 years, knowing that technical research and development, factory equipment investment, warehouse management, talent reserve, these factors are indispensable. There are many doors and windows and factories, the appearance is the same, and the inner things can not be seen. To solve the pain point of consumer demand is the business philosophy of our company. Take Jiangsu, for example, has experienced a lot of events before, that is, the problem of water leakage, the doors and windows of the "waterproof" is not done well, typhoon days, heavy rain leakage will permeate the floor, seriously foam the whole floor mildew. Yuefeng in dealing with the "waterproof" function, we really put every detail, really can achieve "wind, water leakage." Secondly, because Yuefeng did the middle and high end market relatively early, we have deep experience in deepening the internal structure management of the enterprise, especially the accumulation of talents at the technical level, as we all know, for manufacturing enterprises, Technical personnel are the primary factor for the survival of enterprises, so over the past 20 years, our customers have been relatively stable.

Reporter: at present, the main battlefield of Yuefeng is in Jiangsu Province. Compared with the national brands, where do you think you still need to work hard?

Wang Guohua: I don't think it's as strong as they are in the area of "marketing". As far as the current situation is concerned, we are still based in Jiangsu, suitable for the needs of Jiangsu doors and windows to do a good job, good service to high-end customers. The national well-known door and window brands seen on the market are basically the same in appearance and performance. The goal of Yuefeng at this stage is to increase the technical breakthrough in the performance of doors and windows to further meet the needs of Jiangsu regional consumers.

Reporter: what are the main advantages of Yuefeng's products?

Wang Guohua: the advantage of our products may be that we have made a lot of investment in details. For example, in the wildebeest glue injection, details of the glue injection process.

Reporter: which piece of Yuefeng will pay more attention to investment, such as marketing, new product research and development or production capacity?

Wang Guohua: making a good product is the most important thing. This is our key investment. The second is factory management, we invest in the warehouse management of the Internet of things, each product has a QR code, the product out of the warehouse, update, by brushing the QR code to the production system, easy warehouse management. For purchasers, we now use almost 1000 pieces of hardware, each with a QR code, when the goods are brushed QR code out of the warehouse, the system will be updated to the actual number, internal management is also slowly strengthening.

Reporter: just now it was mentioned that Yuefeng has many advantages in product technology. Have you ever applied for a patent to do technical protection?

Wang Guohua: we are also preparing to apply for patent technical protection, especially when we have a silver yarn net. Now we can see that the most on the market is the King Kong yarn net, and the advantage of this silver yarn net that we have developed is that it can be pulled out when it is used. You can hide it when it's useless, and it doesn't seem so depressing.

Reporter: in addition to product research and development, for the door and window industry, after-sales service is also important, Yuefeng in after-sales service is how to do?

Wang Guohua: in the early days, we recruited dealers outside the province, and later found that the focus is still to serve the Jiangsu market, which is the key to after-sales service. Every customer that a service can serve. Developed a new dealer, he has problems with this product, we can arrive in time, he received an order, on-site measurement can not be solved, we sent someone from the factory to measure. The door and window industry in the measurement, installation is really not ordinary master can solve, the need for professional installation workers. For our company, the short-term goal is to make consumers trust aluminum alloy doors and windows brand, starting from the needs of consumers, really solve the pain point of doors and windows. Really do every detail of the doors and windows, so that consumers to change doors and windows, can think of YueFeng doors and windows, so that Jiangsu customers trust our Yuefeng doors and windows.

Reporter: the market for the door and window industry is very large. What do you think is the point of competition in the future? How do you understand the concept of system doors and windows and intelligent doors and windows?

Wang Guohua: the entry threshold of the industry is low. From the point of view of Jiangsu, there are hundreds of factories large and small. If you really want to make good doors and windows, you need to pay attention and focus. Although the market is relatively chaotic at present, we should seize the opportunity of market development and attentively serve consumers, that is, we should practice our internal skills, focus on products, concentrate on technology, and constantly consolidate technological advantages and product quality. It will naturally have a place in the market.

The so-called system doors and windows, I think it is just a concept, in fact, do a good job in every detail of the doors and windows is the most important. Smart doors and windows are certainly the development trend in the future, we in the future 1-2 years, will also launch electric windows, sliding doors, and smart home integration.

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