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Yuefeng Aluminum Factory: one hand to grasp the quality of the other hand to control the direction

October 28, 2019

Abstract: Wuxi aluminum has gone out of a typical growth road of traditional industry. The industry with common metal materials as the core, how to respond to the changing needs of people and explore a new path of transformation and upgrading? Jiangyin Yuefeng Aluminum Plant gives a reference answer.

Aluminum, ranked 13th in the periodic table, is the most abundant metal element in the earth's crust. As early as the Neolithic Age, the people of Wuxi already made pottery out of clay containing aluminum. After the reform and opening up, aluminum melting and casting workshops were born everywhere, and gradually developed into aluminum profile enterprises. Jiangyin aluminum, after more than 40 years of development, has become the most shining regional brand in the domestic aluminum industry, and its products are exported to China and abroad.

Jiangyin aluminum has stepped out of a typical growth road of traditional industry. The industry with common metal materials as the core, how to respond to the changing needs of people and explore a new path of transformation and upgrading? Jiangyin Yuefeng Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuefeng Aluminum Plant") gives a reference answer. They grasp the quality on the one hand, control the direction on the other, and at the same time strengthen the "big quality view" of the enterprise while opening up new fields. In October last year and September this year, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant won the Jiangyin Municipal Government quality Award and the Wuxi Municipal Government quality Award.

"433" Wisdom opens up New areas with quality

Yuefeng Aluminum Plant was founded in 1992, is a native Wuxi private enterprises. They have experienced a period of rapid development of the aluminum profile industry, with a large number of market demand for building materials products to earn the first bucket of gold. "the concept of 'making first-class products, Shu Yue Feng famous brand' has always been in our hearts, only in this way can enterprises become bigger and stronger." Liu Lin, deputy general manager of Yuefeng Aluminum Plant, said.

Therefore, in the era of "speed first" as the mainstream idea, improving quality has become the first transformation and upgrading of Yuefeng development.

In 2002, Yuefeng won the industry's first batch of "national inspection-free products" title, the quality is highly recognized.

The second transformation stems from the control of the development direction of the industry. As early as a decade ago, Yuefeng put forward the idea of "433", that is, to promote the proportion of building aluminum, industrial aluminum and export aluminum to 4:3:3. "at that time, the development of the building materials industry was still very popular, and our products accounted for more than 90% of the total output. At that time, the proportion of industrial aluminum in foreign countries had already been raised. We don't think we can put eggs in one basket. " Liu Lin said. Adhering to the prediction of the development of the industry, Yuefeng has become the representative of the early transformation to the direction of industrial aluminum in domestic aluminum enterprises.

In this transformation, quality is still the lifeline of enterprises. They hold the mentality of not breaking and standing, and carry out R & D work to a high standard. Liu Lin said that the R & D consumption of industrial aluminum is very large, such as aluminum bar test, a research and development may use a furnace of water, if the effect is not good, a batch of materials will be completely discarded.

The return on corporate investment is also very generous. In 2016, Changsha began trial operation of the maglev train, using a conductive rail is a new industrial profile developed by Yuefeng Aluminum. The project has also pushed Yuefeng Aluminum to quickly open up the rail transit market. In April last year, the Yuefeng, the first high-speed train named Yuefeng, was officially launched.

The development of aluminum home market is also related to the concept of quality. In 2016, Yuefeng Aluminum received an order from customers for aluminum household profiles, but due to the unfamiliar with the production process, the scrapping rate of the profiles was extremely high at the beginning. Do you want to continue R & D at the risk of losing money, or do you lower quality standards or give up orders? Wang Guohua, chairman of Yuefeng Aluminium Plant, "has agreed to the customer, it is necessary to keep the promise." In any case, the quality of the product should be raised! "

In order to achieve this goal, they improved the whole production process, and the technicians continued to tackle key problems for more than half a year, constantly refine the processing and manufacturing process of raw materials, improve the uniformity of materials, and optimize product moulds. In 2017, Yuefeng Aluminum produced aluminum household profiles with excellent surface treatment performance, thus opening up a new market for aluminum household profiles.

Spend a lot of money to build an advanced aluminum profile factory

In order to improve the overall quality and efficiency from the production end, Huachang Aluminium Factory carries on the intelligent transformation to the factory, strives to build the advanced factory of the aluminum profile industry.

Next to the production workshop of Yuefeng Aluminum Plant, there is a behemoth "standing on the top of the earth". There are few staff here, and bundles of finished aluminum enter the conveyor belt with the help of robotic arms and are gradually put on shelves along the track. At the same time, the relevant goods information is displayed on the screen at the entrance in real time.

This is the automatic three-dimensional finished product warehouse of Yuefeng, and it is also the first three-dimensional finished product warehouse in the aluminum industry. In 2011, Yuefeng aluminum invested nearly 80 million yuan to the warehouse, saving 50 per cent of labor and increasing the efficiency of products in and out of the warehouse by 33 per cent. After the warehouse was "erected", two extruders were installed on the saved land, equivalent to two additional production lines.

Three-dimensional warehouse fills the blank of high-level and high-density automatic three-dimensional warehouse of domestic aluminum profile, and the overall technology reaches the international advanced level. Subsequently, Yuefeng aluminum invested more than 15 million yuan to build an industry automation three-dimensional mold library. Many member units of Jiangsu Aluminum Association have visited Yuefeng aluminum, and three-dimensional warehouse has been successfully applied in the industry.

At present, Yuefeng Aluminum Plant has international advanced aluminum profile production equipment, a high degree of automation. The melting and casting workshop adopts the most advanced regenerative energy-saving melting furnace with electromagnetic stirring and semi-continuous hot top casting machine, and the extrusion workshop adopts the most advanced precision on-line quenching system, on-line temperature monitoring system and double traction device. Oxidation electrophoresis workshop, the introduction of the most advanced vertical oxidation production line from Japan, the introduction of horizontal oxidation electrophoresis production line from Korea; spraying workshop, the introduction of international advanced vertical and horizontal spraying production line.

In addition, enterprises further strengthen product research and development links and quality testing links, and introduce more than 60 sets of test and testing equipment worth more than 20 million yuan, which can accurately test various indexes of products and raw materials in strict accordance with the requirements of the national standard. Ensure that the quality of ex-factory products meet the relevant standards.

Concept of quality every employee is a quality inspector

In fact, the improvement of product quality is only part of the "big quality view" of Yuefeng aluminum. Yuefeng aluminum has a relatively perfect quality management model, representing the advanced level of the city.

Adhering to the concept of green production, they are committed to building high-yield, low-consumption, clean and environmentally friendly aluminum processing enterprises. The most advanced system in the industry is adopted in the workshop of wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse, which can realize 60% of the reclaimed water reuse. According to the national GB5237 compulsory standards, enterprises have formulated and implemented more stringent enterprise internal control standards, passed ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000, standardized good behavior, energy-saving products and other certification, and adopted a multi-integrated management model such as 6S, ERP and so on.

The concept of large quality of enterprises can not only be reflected in the standard model, the quality culture rooted in the heart of each employee is more important. Toyota, one of Japan's three largest car companies, has set a rule in its production management system that every employee who finds a quality problem can stop the entire production line.

This idea also exists in Yuefeng aluminum. "only when employees attach importance to quality, can enterprises really do a good job in quality management, and staff quality determines product quality." Wang Guohua said. Since 2015, Yuefeng Aluminum has carried out QC Group (quality Control Group) activities to encourage employees to take the initiative to identify problems in enterprise production, and relevant colleagues to form an inter-departmental group to work together to find solutions to the problem. Over the past four years, the QC team has achieved remarkable results, with employees accounting for about 1/3 of the total number of enterprises, and has formed effective solutions to nearly 100 problems.

Last year, Yuefeng Aluminum's technical research team won the Jiangyin Municipal Government quality Award first-line team award. They have participated in the transformation of automatic finished product warehouse and mold three-dimensional warehouse, and carried out the transformation of reclaimed water recovery and the conductivity of conductive rail profiles. The adherence of front-line staff to quality brings great impetus to the development of the enterprise.

The quality view of Yuefeng aluminum has been recognized. In 2018 and 2019, Yuefeng Aluminum won the District Government quality Award and the Municipal Government quality Award. Liu Lin said that the government quality award has greatly improved the brand awareness of enterprises, and they will continue to attack the Jiangsu provincial government quality award and even the China quality award.

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