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Yuefeng Aluminum Group 8 QC achievements won the first prize of non-ferrous metal engineering construction Quality Management Achievement Award

May 18, 2023
Recently, Yuefeng Group affiliated 8 "double hundred enterprises" "scientific reform demonstration enterprises" in the assessment achieved excellent results. Yuefeng Aluminum was rated "excellent".
In recent years, under the organizational guidance of the group headquarters and relevant strategic units, Yuefeng Aluminum has carefully formulated reform plans, comprehensively and systematically deepened reform, and made great breakthroughs in improving corporate governance, market-based selection and employment, strengthening incentives and constraints, stimulating the driving force of scientific and technological innovation, adhering to the leadership of the Party and Party building, and played a leading role in demonstration and independent innovation.
Since being selected as the "Double Hundred Enterprises", Yuefeng Aluminum has always adhered to the reform to enable high-quality development, continued to implement the reform requirements of state-owned enterprises, focused on key areas and key links of reform, and focused on deepening reform in the governance mechanism, scientific and technological innovation, market reform, management innovation and other aspects, and achieved remarkable results. We have given full play to the exemplary role of the "Double hundred enterprises" in reform, made repeated achievements in production and management, and achieved high-quality development. In 2022, Yuefeng Aluminum production, sales, profit and other main indicators achieved the best performance in history, the annual revenue exceeded 30 billion yuan for the first time, stepping on a new height of reform and development.
In addition, according to the overall deployment of science and technology work of Yuefeng Group, Yuefeng Aluminum plays the leading role of science and technology innovation, focuses on the two long-term goals of improving innovation ability and expanding innovation effect, adheres to the working policy of "improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing cost, expanding market and controlling the future", and maintains a good development trend in the aspects of new product development, technology innovation and capacity building. We have made breakthroughs in a number of key technologies and achieved a number of important achievements, maintaining the company's leading position in scientific and technological innovation in the domestic industry.
In recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum takes scientific and technological innovation as the "accelerator", constantly improves the evaluation, incentive and assessment mechanism of scientific and technological innovation, and strives to create a team of innovative talents with reasonable structure, excellent quality and outstanding ability. It has made continuous efforts in the development of key aluminum alloy materials, and achieved "multi-point breakthrough", boosting the production and operation of the enterprise out of the "acceleration". Has made a significant contribution to serving the national strategy. In 2022, Yuefeng Aluminum won 261 national and provincial (ministry) science and technology awards.
In the past 5 years, Yuefeng Aluminum has provided more than 100,000 tons of high-performance key aluminum materials for the national strategy of service.
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