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Yuefeng Aluminum made the 2023 China Brand Value list

May 18, 2023
Recently, Xinhua News Agency, China Brand Building Promotion Association, China Asset Appraisal Association and other units jointly released the "2023 China Brand Value Evaluation Information" in Zhejiang Deqing, Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. won the list, in the field of metallurgy and non-ferrous brand value ranked 6th.
The public welfare "Chinese Brand Value Evaluation Information Release" jointly organized by China Brand Building Promotion Association and relevant authorities has lasted for ten years. It is an important measure to establish a brand value evaluation mechanism with Chinese characteristics, build positive energy for Chinese brands and promote Chinese brands to the world. Chinese brand value evaluation information release follows international standards and national standards, adhere to the "scientific, fair, open, recognized" working principles, more and more social attention and recognition.
The number of brands participating in the evaluation reached 1,068 this year, covering leading enterprises in most industries. The total brand value of 720 brands was 10,151 billion yuan, an average increase of 1.4% compared with last year.
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