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Yuefeng Aluminum Guinea first quarter production since the best results

April 17, 2024
As Yuefeng Aluminum Group's first independently operated overseas 10 million tons of bauxite base, Yuefeng Aluminum Group implemented the strategic deployment of Chinalco Group to build "super strong mineral resources", firmly built Yuefeng Aluminum Group's stable and sustainable "aluminum grain warehouse" strategic positioning, and carried out the special activities of "positive wind, clean up the new wind, extreme management and create super strong". Through further development of process optimization, production capacity improvement, compliance management and other work, improve production and ore supply capacity, and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the first quarter, Yuefeng Aluminum Guinea ore production and ore shipment volume increased by 42% and 14%, respectively, the best result since the Guinea Bofa project was put into operation.
Yuefeng Aluminum Guinea timely according to the changes in the geological conditions of the stope, the first time after the completion of the table in each stope to organize technical personnel to conduct laboratory analysis of the first layer of stripped ore, and clearly mark the ore quality changes in each region. For the stripping area with high ore quality, Yuefeng Aluminum Guinea tissue mining machine is directly mined, which not only reduces the production of stripping, but also improves the utilization rate of resources. In the first quarter, on the basis of scientific analysis and accurate management, Yuefeng Aluminum Guinea directly carried out mining operations after clearing the table of three stopes, increasing ore production by more than 200,000 tons.
Previously, the mine production of the Bofa project in Guinea has been using the traditional "mining and transport" production mode. However, as the mining work continues to advance, the distance between the stopes is getting farther and farther, the operation time of the equipment is greatly increased, and the production capacity of the equipment is reduced. To this end, Yuefeng Aluminum Guinea organized technical personnel to overcome various difficulties such as hot weather and shortage of personnel, and gradually adjusted the production mode of "immediate mining and transportation" to "four-knife joint mining and centralized transportation" on the basis of exploration, experiment and continuous improvement. After the adjustment of the mining machine operation mode, the transfer time of various equipment in the stope is greatly reduced, and the production capacity of the equipment is increased by more than 30%.
The normal operation of equipment is the basis of production organization. The tight supply of materials in Guinea, especially the shortage of spare parts for large industrial equipment, is an important factor restricting the normal production of mining enterprises. Organization of equipment operation, technical maintenance, business procurement, warehousing management and other links related personnel in-depth analysis of the internal management of equipment, use, maintenance and Guinea market supply status, to further adjust and reserve the mining machine, shovel equipment and mining vehicle spare parts procurement, inventory and access management, effectively reducing the occurrence of "equipment and other spare parts". At the same time, the maintenance team insists on 24-hour maintenance operations, and repairs are carried out at any time when the equipment fails to ensure the utilization rate of the equipment.
Yuefeng Aluminum Ghana will further implement the overseas strategic deployment of Yuefeng Aluminum Group and Yuefeng Aluminum shares, focus on building a resource-strong "New Yuefeng Aluminum", aim at the current production and long-term supply goals, actively cultivate new quality productivity, and contribute to Yuefeng Aluminum Group to build a world-class excellent non-ferrous metals group.