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Yuefeng Aluminum has passed the AS9100 management system certification

April 17, 2024
Recently, Yuefeng Aluminum passed the AS9100D quality management system certification, and the certification scope is "civil aviation aluminum manufacturing", which has laid a solid foundation for Yuefeng Aluminum to further develop the civil aerospace market.
It is reported that the AS9100D quality management system is an aerospace standard developed by the international aerospace industry on the basis of ISO9001 quality system requirements, and has joined the relevant quality system requirements of the aerospace industry, which is a prerequisite for aerospace market access.
Since August 2023, Yuefeng Aluminum has formulated work implementation plans at various stages in strict accordance with the AS9100D quality management system policy, objectives and system requirements, organized system document preparation and review, management review and other work, and completed closed-loop rectification of non-conformity items in internal and external audit carefully and efficiently.
During the external audit in January this year, the audit team experts conducted a comprehensive and detailed audit of the effectiveness, adequacy and suitability of Yuefeng Aluminum design and development, production management and system planning and other management processes, believing that Yuefeng Aluminum attaches great importance to the construction of quality management system and has a complete self-improvement mechanism.