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Yuefeng aluminum-- "hard internal skill"​ strong technology, so that green has become the brightest background for development

February 19, 2020

If you want to become a great player, you must first practice the "internal skill" and cast the foundation. This is not only the way of self-cultivation, but also the foothold of the development of enterprises. Under the tide of high-quality development, industrial transformation and upgrading and green production are also continuously promoted, which brings great challenges to the development of aluminum profile industry and tests the "adaptability" and "survivability" of many enterprises. It is gratifying that many aluminum profile enterprises through "hard practice internal skills", turn challenges into opportunities, achieve rising against the trend, so that their own development motivation is more sufficient. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "pioneering and enterprising, courageously climbing the peak", Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuefeng Aluminum") actively explores the road of technology-driven development, while constantly promoting industrial structure optimization and green development, showing a strong competitive advantage.

Technological innovation ignites a new engine of high-quality development.

Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd., located in the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, is one of the well-equipped and large-scale aluminum profile manufacturers in Asia, and one of the enterprises in the aluminum profile industry that adopted international advanced standards earlier. As one of the top ten aluminum profile enterprises in China and the top ten preferred brands in the industry, Yuefeng Aluminum's strength is self-evident, and technological innovation is an important magic weapon in its leading position in the industry.

Among them, the successful "one-mold porous" extrusion technology is one of the "hard core" technologies created by Yuefeng Aluminum. Extrusion is an important step in aluminum profile forming and the key to improve the production efficiency of aluminum profiles. based on the innovative attempt to upgrade the production technology and improve the efficiency of the industry, Yuefeng Aluminum, combined with advanced die manufacturing equipment, invested in the research and development of "one mold porous". So that it can extrude profiles with stable quality and high precision, and then continue to strengthen research and development, so that the level of this technology has been in the forefront of the same industry in South China and even the country for a long time. In the process, the synchronous "low temperature and high speed" production process complements each other, which makes the extrusion ability of enterprises have a qualitative leap. Thanks to the excellent advantages of energy saving, land saving, human saving and cost saving, Yuefeng aluminum's "one mold porous", "low temperature and high speed" extrusion process not only provides kinetic energy for its own high-quality development, but also brings a revolutionary promotion to the technological development of the aluminum profile industry.

"Yue Feng Aluminum has never worked behind closed doors in a corner, but kept its eyes firmly on the frontier." Liu Lin, deputy general manager of Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd., said that Yuefeng Aluminum has been in the fierce competition since its birth. Over the past 30 years, the company has been learning, improving, innovating, growing and developing in the competition. And walk in the forefront of the industry. According to reports, in recent years, Yuefeng aluminum, in addition to the continuous investment of high, fine and sharp aluminum profiles, but also continues to extend to the lower reaches of the industrial chain, and has achieved good market response in aluminum villas, aluminum formwork, aluminum home, aluminum flyover and other downstream aluminum products.

Take multiple measures to promote the efficient and green development of the industry.

"technological innovation and management, in order to come from production, and then to production, and must be able to withstand the test of practice." During the interview, Mr. Liu shared his views on technical work. It can be learned from its sharing that vigorously strengthening technological innovation has always been an important weapon for Yuefeng Aluminum to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. While the high-quality development of enterprises is driven by technology, Yuefeng Aluminum has no lack of thinking and practice on industrial green upgrading. At the same time, it has handed over a bright "report card".

Because the traditional surface treatment process has many disadvantages, such as long process, high water consumption, high energy consumption, heavy metal environmental pollution and so on, in order to better realize green production, more and more aluminum profile enterprises take the initiative to change. Yuefeng aluminum is one of them to explore new surface treatment technologies that are greener, environmentally friendly and efficient. What is worth paying attention to is its adjustment to the new coloring process. "this process changes the deposition of nickel salt in the oxide film hole, and creates a precedent for aluminum profile anodizing injection single nickel salt coloring process to make pure black pigment, and the products are favored by customers." According to Mr. Liu, the process has the advantages of short coloring time, stable color, high production efficiency, and equipped with RO circulation device, which can carry out continuous and batch production of champagne, ancient copper and pure black pigments, realizing a coloring tank that can diversify the production of colorants of different colors and achieve zero discharge in theory. The recovery and reuse of nickel ions greatly reduces the direct production cost of enterprises.

In addition, in terms of recovery and reuse technology, Yuefeng Aluminum has also shown its own innovative vitality. It pays close attention to the recovery and utilization of dissolved aluminum in alkali oxidation tank, through the introduction of relevant alkali recovery environmental protection equipment, professional process improvement by technicians and strict control by on-site managers, so that its "crystallization" alkali recovery method has achieved great results, which provides an important experience reference for the production of energy saving and consumption reduction in the industry.

Continuous improvement and innovation in production practice, and actively explore the feasible path of resource by-product transformation, thus it can be seen that green is always the brightest background and "constant color" for the development of Yuefeng Aluminum.

Upgrade your thinking to be the "Top of the World"

"in today's' community with a shared future for mankind', no enterprise can be left alone. Only by opening up, communicating, cooperating and sharing can it develop and grow." Mr. Liu said that at present, China's economic development is in an important period of strategic opportunity, which provides a major prerequisite for the sustainable development of the aluminum processing industry in the next few years. Only by strengthening basic research and innovation can the aluminum profile industry achieve high-quality and efficient development. And this is the direction that Yuefeng Aluminum has been working hard for a long time.

With modern management mode, stable product quality and "leading" technological innovation, Yuefeng Aluminum continues to develop and grow, with an annual production capacity of more than 500000 tons, products are widely used in aerospace and aviation, rail transit, industrial manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electronics and electrical appliances, communications technology, IT and other fields. It is understood that Yuefeng Aluminum has also cooperated with Wuxi Construction Investment in recent years to achieve complementary advantages and strong cooperation, and achieved cooperation benefits of 1: 1 > 2.

Throughout the current aluminum profile enterprises, intelligent upgrading is being carried out step by step, and the inherent simple and repetitive positions have more intelligent application space. As a traditional manufacturing industry, how to improve quality and efficiency and break through? For Yuefeng Aluminum, the change of thinking is the key. "as an aluminum profile production enterprise, Yuefeng Aluminum will also keep up with the pace of the next generation, use future thinking, and sort out the existing production process and management process based on future technological development." further explore the possibility of intelligent upgrading and liberate the scarce human resources from a large number of simple and repetitive positions. " Mr. Liu said that aluminum profile enterprises have great potential in smart equipment, commercial logistics, urban construction and home environment, and Yuefeng Aluminum will actively integrate into made in China 2025 in product innovation, helping to push the manufacturing industry to a new height.

The new era calls for new actions. compared with pursuing profits, enterprises should enhance their innovation ability and actively embrace change as a long-term strategy. Lighting up the "innovative future", it is believed that Yuefeng Aluminum can also bring more experience and inspiration for the development of the aluminum profile industry in the process of becoming a "top player in the world".

Yuefeng Group is a leading aluminum extrusion enterprise in the world. at present, it has formed a development pattern of three core businesses: industrial aluminum extrusion, aluminum Calendering and deep processing. the company's products have been widely used in green construction, transportation, mechanical equipment and power engineering and other fields, and its customers are all over the world's major markets.

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Editor: Wendy from Yuefeng Aluminum Advertising Department