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Yuefeng Aluminum held a regular production meeting in May

May 15, 2023

On May 11, Yuefeng Aluminum New Material Co., Ltd. held a regular production meeting in May. Yuefeng Aluminum Vice General Manager Wang Yu, Yuefeng Aluminum secondary units, functional departments and offices of relevant leaders attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Yuefeng Aluminum production technology Department summarized and reported the highlights and shortcomings of production organization in April from the aspects of index consumption, quality control, scientific and technological innovation, and arranged the key work of the next stage; The participating units put forward the problems that need to be solved by the company. In April, Yuefeng aluminum liquid aluminum production and power generation completed 100.94% and 115.89% of the monthly plan respectively.


Wang Yu stressed, first, careful management, strengthen production organization control, to reduce the cost of production and operation of enterprises, the benefit of the escort. Second, we should do a good job in all factors of benchmarking, focus on internal management deficiencies, seize the key links, and constantly improve and upgrade. Third, we need to make good use of science and technology to reduce costs and increase results. Fourth, we should do a good job in quality control to ensure that the quality of bulk raw materials and products meet relevant requirements. Fifth, we need to do a good job in safety work, strengthen safety control and ensure safe and stable production in accordance with the requirement that "business management must focus on safety".


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