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Yuefeng Group won the "2022 China Treasurer Award"

May 15, 2023

Recently, the 17th CFO Conference of China was held in Beijing under the guidance of the Ministry of Finance and hosted by New Money Magazine. Yuefeng Aluminum Group was invited to attend the conference and won the "2022 China Treasurer Award".


The concept of Yuefeng Aluminum Treasurer was proposed in 2019 and will be fully completed in 2022. Meanwhile, the finance and Property rights Department and the assets Management center of Yuefeng Aluminum Group closely focus on the overall goal of building a world-class Treasury system, and adhere to the construction concept of "high quality concentration, high standard integration, high efficiency value-added, high precision control, high level of innovation and high frequency expansion". Has built a set of highly consistent with the development strategy of Yuefeng Aluminum Group treasurer management mode.


Since its launch, Yuefeng Aluminum Treasurer has achieved good management results and achieved "five breakthroughs" : breaking through the bottleneck of overseas management and realizing global visibility of funds; Break through the single centralized mode and realize the overall coordination of resources; Break through the constraints of risk management and establish a real-time risk early warning system; Break through information silos and realize comprehensive data connectivity; Break through the application limitation and realize the effective support of decision making.


The successful completion of the unified Treasury management system of Yuefeng Aluminum University has provided a set of referable and replicable Yuefeng Aluminum model for the construction of the treasurer of the enterprise group with heavy assets, high debt and multiple forms of business, which has been highly praised by the industry. Sasac leaders of The State Council have twice listened to the special report of the construction of the treasurer of Yuefeng Aluminum Group, and arranged on-site investigation. China First Automobile, Sinochem, Comac and other central enterprises have come to Yuefeng Aluminum Group to exchange experience in the construction of treasurer.


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