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Yuefeng aluminum helps Tianzhou-6 space delivery

May 12, 2023

A Long March-7 rocket carrying the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft ignited at China's Wenchang Space Launch facility at 21:23 am on May 10, Xinhua reported on its microblog. Reporters learned that in the launch mission, Yuefeng aluminum undertook the rocket and spacecraft aluminum alloy key material development task.


Tianzhou-6 mission is the first mission to be launched in the application and development phase of China's manned space station project, and also the first mission to be launched in 2023. Yuefeng Aluminum supplied more than 80 percent of the aluminum for the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft.


Among them, a certain type of 5 series aluminum, 2.4 m wide oversized plate, 3 m diameter forged ring are exclusively provided by Yuefeng Aluminum, mainly used in cargo spacecraft metal outsole, ramp drive assembly, large column section shell and front and rear end frame.

Yuefeng aluminum responsible person introduced, Yuefeng aluminum to provide aluminum alloy materials, covering forgings, plates, profiles, pipes and other categories of more than 10 specifications, mainly used for rocket connection frame, end frame, surface strengthening members, storage and other key parts, respectively for skin, support and connection, aluminum accounted for more than 60%. Among them, the 2XXX aluminum alloy forged ring is exclusively provided by Yuefeng Aluminum.


Aluminum alloy forged ring is a typical product of Yuefeng Aluminum service national strategy. In the 1980s, Yuefeng Aluminum successfully developed a 3.5-meter aluminum alloy forged ring, known as the "first ring in Asia", which was used in the Long March 2 bound carrier rocket. Since then, the record of "Asia's first ring" has been broken.


At present, Yuefeng Aluminum is one of the few enterprises that can produce 5 meter grade aluminum alloy integral forged ring in China, and also the first enterprise in the world that has successfully developed 10 meter grade aluminum alloy integral forged ring. "Yuefeng Aluminum supplies 95 percent of aluminum alloy forged rings needed for all kinds of carrier rockets in China." The person in charge said.

Over the years, Yuefeng Aluminum gives full play to its technological advantages, carries out research on process technology, and continuously conducts independent research and development of new materials and new products, effectively solves a series of process problems, and makes positive contributions to our country's continuous exploration of space mysteries. In the future, Yuefeng Aluminum will further strengthen the construction of scientific and technological research and development and independent innovation capacity, develop more high-quality high-grade aluminum, and inject more "Chongqing power" to push China's space industry into a new journey.


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