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Yuefeng aluminum on the Jiangyin brand double top 50

May 12, 2023

May 10, is the seventh Chinese brand Day, Jiangyin City market supervision Administration, Jiangyin City news media Center held the "home is made in Jiangyin" Jiangyin 2023 brand building conference held today. Jiangsu Yuefeng Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd. has won two honors, successively ranked as Jiangyin Top 50 Enterprise Brand value and Jiangyin Top 50 Originality and Quality Brand enterprises. This marks Jiangyin to Yuefeng aluminum for more than 30 years of brand construction of the road.


"Science and technology revitalize Yuefeng, quality create famous brand" is always uphold the concept of Yuefeng aluminum, but also the secret of high quality development of Yuefeng aluminum. The diversified technological innovation not only allows the product quality of Yuefeng aluminum to continuously climb to new heights, but also enables the company to continue to open up new fields with a strong attitude, and shine in high-end fields such as automotive lightweight, rail transit, medical equipment, and continue to expand the brand influence of Yuefeng aluminum.


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