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Yuefeng aluminum: independent R & D enterprise version ERP system

November 20, 2018

Five of the world's 10 super high-rise buildings over 480 meters are made of Yuefeng Aluminum. This is the first impression people have when they talk about Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Profile Factory (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuefeng Aluminum Material"). As a leading domestic aluminium profile enterprise, Yuefeng aluminium industrial products have entered the global high-end equipment market of new energy, transportation, special alloy manufacturing and so on. The independent R & D system of aluminum doors and windows has become the leader in the development of high quality industry.


In Yuefeng's "management" of aluminium materials, quality is the first, which is reflected not only in the quality and management system of aluminium materials produced by Yuefeng, but also in the information construction. Having experienced the early traditional manual operation, Yuefeng Aluminum is determined to constantly innovate in the construction of information technology, even to subvert the existing system and re-independently develop a new production management system to support the rapid development of production and marketing.


For colleagues in Yufeng aluminum information department, stepping into 2018 is exciting. "In those two or three months, my colleagues worked overtime every night and worked hard." Cao Yongqiang, manager of Yuefeng Aluminum Information Department and Production Department, recalled the hard days, but his face was filled with a smile of achievement. Their self-developed "Yuefeng ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system" was launched in 2013. In 2015, on-line procurement and mould modules were launched. In 2018, the core mainstream processes and sales, settlement, inventory and quality inspection modules were officially launched.


In fact, the informatization construction of Yuefeng Aluminum Material started as early as 2002. Liu Jianhui, the chairman and vice president of Yuefeng Aluminum Material Co., Ltd., was in command and set up an information system promotion group to start the informatization construction. In 2008, the Department of information systems was set up to develop and update on the basis of the original comms system.


Why do we need to overturn the existing system again in 5 years? Cao Yongqiang said, this is not to pursue the trend of information technology, but the actual production situation forced. He pointed out that the previous comms system could not meet more requirements such as Bill of materials, workshop inventory and so on without further upgrading and transformation from the actual point of view.

Cao Yongqiang gave an example. "Before the system was put into operation, the system could not track the data of the assembly well." He said, for example, to make insulating aluminium, two pieces of aluminium need to be sandwiched with a rubber strip, but the previous system only "foolishly" to process the information of a component, the production progress of three components is split, resulting in the overall progress can not be controlled. "Without the concept of BOM, we will continue to follow the wrong pattern to the abyss." After the new "Yueyue ERP system" is put on line, it is necessary to do things right from the beginning, so that the production progress of the assembly can be followed up smoothly.


"The new Yuefeng ERP system has strong expansibility and adaptability." Cao Yongqiang said that the system is built on the latest development platform, and all the source code is completed by Yuefeng aluminium itself, which can get through most of the data interaction in production links.


The efficiency improvement of information system updating and data sharing is obvious. "Since the system came online in 2013, our output has doubled in five years, but the number of our production department has not increased, which shows the role of the new system." According to Cao Yongqiang, the delivery rate of Yuefeng aluminium in 2013 was 81%, which now reaches 90%. If we exclude insertion intervention, it will reach 97%, and the whole production cycle will be shortened by 30%.


Scan code shows that product information warehouse information improves logistics efficiency.


In Yuefeng Aluminum Automated Warehouse, if visitors carefully observe, they can see that each bin in the automatic warehouse is printed with a two-dimensional code, which is equivalent to an "identity card". Scanning can reveal the type, order and quantity of the products in the basket.


This is the improvement of mobile data processing of warehouse data in Yuefeng aluminum. "In the past, the basic data was input on PC, but now the mobile terminal can input data on site immediately." Cao Yongqiang introduced that the core production data and business data were collected by Yuefeng's system, and then commissioned a third party to develop mobile APP. At present, the mobile app has been developed. By scanning the two-dimensional code of the storage basket at the mobile end, the product data can be obtained, and the location of the warehouse can be instantly understood.


Cao Yongqiang said that the key to the dynamic updating and acquisition of information in the basket is to get through the data connection between the warehousing system and Yuefeng ERP system. "The automated warehouse only knows the entry of the storage basket, and the information in the basket changes at any time. The key data are in the system and can accurately record the product information in the storage basket at any time."


Yuefeng aluminium products warehouse is calculated in thousands of tons and tens of thousands of sets. The higher the automation rate, the more efficient the data acquisition and processing will be, and the overall logistics efficiency will certainly be greatly improved. Cao Yongqiang introduced that after connecting the finished product warehousing system with Yuefeng ERP system, the storage capacity, storage speed and the accuracy of warehousing entry and exit have been greatly improved. Among them, the efficiency of warehousing entry and exit has increased nearly four times, the storage capacity of warehouse in the same area has increased six times, and more than 100,000 sets of moulds have realized the system's automatic search for storage location. The storage system is automatically selected and shipped out.


Internet gene extension into the "internal repair" forced management reform

From "Yuefeng ERP system" to private cloud, and then to personalized customization of windows and doors with big data, Liu Jianhui, vice president of Yuefeng aluminum products, said, "Yuefeng's Internet +" not only has strategic thinking, but more importantly, it is implemented in all aspects of production, sales and service. The genes of the Internet.


The role of these Internet genes is reflected not only in the quality of products and customized services, but also in the "internal repair" of enterprise management. Cao Yongqiang said Yuefeng Aluminum has never stopped investing in and building information technology. Talent management, technical training and performance appraisal have also been constantly improved due to the construction of information technology.


"Implementing the system is not a success. Implementation is the key." Cao Yongqiang said that at the beginning of the system on-line, Yuefeng had formed a consensus. Even if the new system faced various problems, the front-line employees could not adapt or even resist, they must stick to the end.


The Internet of production is changing the production habits of employees. Cao Yongqiang said that after the Ministry of Information completed the development and modification of the system, special training will be given to the employees of the corresponding production departments. At the same time, new functions will be put forward from the management point of view, such as the on-time completion rate of workshop production, requiring employees to input production data in time, "Even if the work has been completed today, but the data will be recorded tomorrow, it will also be regarded as overtime."

In Cao Yongqiang's view, production informationization has become the grasp of workshop management, and the relevant data indicators of Yuefeng ERP system have become the basis for performance appraisal of production personnel. Through appraisal, the application of "Jianmei ERP system" in actual production has been promoted, so that producers, information instructions and production equipment can be seamlessly linked up. Production, supply and marketing form a close combination.