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Home - News - Yuefeng aluminum industry ranks the top 100 in the whole country with more than ten billion brand value.

Yuefeng aluminum industry ranks the top 100 in the whole country with more than ten billion brand value.

November 16, 2018

Since the establishment of national model cities with strong quality, Jiangyin has vigorously promoted the construction and innovation of brand demonstration zones, and promoted the in-depth implementation of the strategy of "strong quality city" and "strong quality enterprise". Statistics show that Yuefeng aluminum industry has entered the national top 100 regional brand list with 18 billion 675 million yuan regional brand value.


To build a platform for the development of high-end aluminum material industry, establish reputation brand Yue Feng, Jiangyin City, by creating a "national transportation and packaging aluminum products industry well-known brands to create a demonstration area" in Zhouzhuang, Wallace, Xinqiao three industrial park as the core, with "energy, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum, ordinary industrial Material and light alloy material, aluminum deep processing, Aluminum Alloy end product of a complete industrial chain based in the country, to create unique high-end aluminum material industry base.


At present, Jiangyin has more than 90 large and medium-sized enterprises, which have been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the "National High-tech Industrialization Base for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Processing", "National Demonstration Base for Non-ferrous Metals (Aluminum Precision Processing)", and named "China Transportation Aluminum City" by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.


The demonstration area also vigorously promotes the implementation of standardization strategy, based on the development of Jiangyin's superior industries, and constantly promotes regional brand value. A total of 2 Chinese famous brand product manufacturers, 8 Jiangsu famous brand products and 2 Chinese well-known trademarks have been cultivated. Yuefeng Aluminium Group and Xinyu Aluminum Material have won the second Jiangsu Provincial Governor's Quality Award and the third Provincial Governor's Quality Award nomination honorary titles respectively. "National Transportation and Packaging Aluminum Products Industry Well-known Brand Building Demonstration Zone" ranks among the top ten brands in Jiangsu Province with brand value of 22614 million yuan.


On the construction of famous brand demonstration zones, Jiangyin will accelerate the innovation of aluminum industry cluster and self-innovation, actively promote the reform and innovation experiments of intellectual property rights, technology transfer, industrialization of achievements, science and technology finance, and focus on promoting the development of high-end aluminum industry, automobile and automobile parts manufacturing industry cluster. Surface enlargement demonstration drive effect, stimulate regional innovation vitality.

                                                                     The article is from Yuefeng aluminum news department.