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Yuefeng aluminum production and sales volume in 2018 has exceeded 16000 tons.

November 5, 2018

After six consecutive months of production and sales of more than 1600 tons, by the end of October, Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Industry's cumulative production and sales in 2018 have exceeded the 16,000 tons mark. On the first day after the National Day, on October 8, the good news came from Yuefeng Aluminum Industry in Wuxi. The company's annual cumulative output has exceeded the total output in 2017, and the product structure optimization is obvious. 2018 is the year of "turning losses into profits" for Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Industry. The company is making unremitting efforts to achieve the annual profit target.


Technological innovation inject impetus to development


It is understood that since the beginning of this year, Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has continued to implement the high-speed extrusion project is playing an active role. Relying on technological progress, the production capacity of Yuefeng Aluminum Industry in Wuxi has been further released, and the production efficiency has been steadily improved. This year, the project has also been listed as one of the 10 key scientific and technological innovation projects of China Aluminum Group. A group of young engineers with an average age of about 35 years are accumulating valuable experience from a series of innovative practices focusing on the project.


In October, Wuxi Yuefeng aluminum industry also obtained the IRIS Certification international railway industry standard certification. IRIS certification is formulated by the European Railway Industry Association (UNIFE), and has been vigorously promoted and supported by internationally renowned railway locomotive manufacturers. Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum has been planning and organizing IRIS certification since 2017. Through business sorting and management upgrading, especially in the optimization process of product development, production and quality, it has improved its management and innovation ability. The approval of this certification provides a "pass" for Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Industry to participate more deeply in the domestic and international rail transit industry chain.


Enterprise management creates valuable achievements.


In 2018, Yuefeng Aluminum Industry in Wuxi continued to adhere to the "three-pronged" business thinking and market strategy, with rail transit line 5, 6 and 10 as the main projects, Osta overseas shipping projects and many high-end industrial materials projects as the support, achieving a significant increase in sales scale and obvious optimization of sales structure. In addition, through the implementation of the 350KM standard EMU project, under the further development and exploration of the company's management and many departments, Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has gradually entered a rapid development stage into the high-speed rail EMU market.


This year, the macro-economic environment is complex and changeable, and enterprises face enormous challenges. On October 12, Liu Qiang, Executive Director and General Manager of Yuefeng Aluminum Company, analyzed the current economic situation in detail at the staff meeting of Yuefeng Aluminum Industry in Wuxi in the third quarter of 2018. In view of the management work, relevant requirements were put forward to strengthen the market grasp ability, exploit more abundant potential demand for aluminium for transportation and enhance the lean management ability. "The achievements of Yuefeng Aluminum Industry in Wuxi are not easy to come by. We should cherish them a hundred times and strive to maintain the current rare and valuable business performance." Wang Lihua preached.


Benefit from scientific and technological progress and management


Next, Wuxi Yuefeng aluminum industry will continue to promote scientific and technological innovation and lean management. This year, Wuxi Yuefeng Aluminum Industry has set up a number of scientific and technological projects in China Aluminum Group and relevant departments in Chongqing. These projects will play a huge role in promoting the production and operation needs. In addition, the ongoing 40MN thin-wall extrusion and intelligent manufacturing project of high-end aluminum alloy materials will be integrated with the existing production lines and complement each other. Become the main theme of Wuxi Yuefeng aluminum industry in the future. Not only that, in recent years, the company will focus more on "small" and "fine" basic management, and promote the further sinking of lean management. "To benefit from technological progress and to benefit from management," Liu Qiang stressed at the three quarter conference.


                                                                    The article is from Yuefeng aluminum news department.