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Yuefeng Aluminum Logistics opened a "point-to-point" aluminum products direct special train

September 23, 2023
At 15:11 on September 21, the first direct train of aluminum products from Yunnan Zhaotong Station to Guangdong Xiaotang Station left from Zhaotong Station, the special train transported aluminum products in a total of 30 groups of 1650 tons, which is the first "point-to-point" direct train of aluminum products issued by Yuefeng Aluminum Logistics this year.
The train adopts the "one station direct" mode to arrive at Guangdong Xiaotang Station, opening up a direct transport channel from Yunnan Zhaotong to Guangdong Xiaotang, effectively reducing the number of formation operations and time along the way, and the product shipping time is compressed 3 to 4 days compared with the previous non-train transportation time, to achieve large-scale and efficient transportation of aluminum products.
In order to ensure the smooth start of the train, Yuefeng Aluminum Logistics and China Railway Chengdu Bureau Yibin section to strengthen communication and dialogue, around the production situation and transportation needs of the enterprise, from the opening plan, container source allocation, transportation organization and other aspects of coordination, through the advance equipping of sufficient machinery and labor, coordinate to solve the cargo short barge, into the box, loading and other problems. Constantly optimize and adjust the aluminum products into the box operation process to ensure that the goods are fast loaded and transported.
In the future, Yuefeng Aluminum Logistics will increase the opening of the train, relying on the transportation advantages of railway large volume, all-weather, low cost and high efficiency, improve the overall transportation efficiency and further smooth the export channels of aluminum products in Yunnan region.
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