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Yuefeng Aluminum Qinghai aluminum strip company in August the main product output hit a record high

September 23, 2023
On the afternoon of September 20, Yuefeng Aluminum Qinghai held a production and operation analysis meeting in August. Wang Kaifeng, general manager of the company, presided over the meeting and put forward specific requirements for the next step from five "maintenance" aspects.
At the meeting, the enterprise management Department notified the implementation of the production and operation analysis meeting of all units in July, and decomposed the related work of the operation and operation analysis meeting of Yuefeng Aluminum Shares in August; The Working Department of the Commission for Discipline Inspection (Audit Department) notified the audit of the graphitized cathode project; The Financial department analyzed the production and operation of the company in August; Foundry and aluminum strip companies summarize and analyze the completion of key indicators, find and analyze existing problems, and put forward specific ideas and measures for the next step.
After listening to the report, Wang Kaifeng affirmed the work of the company in August, especially the work of the alloying production unit. He pointed out that in August, the company worked hard and worked hard to promote the construction of key projects, while the company achieved profitability and cost control targets also met expectations. The foundry achieves positive cash flow under the premise that the staff is tight and the production line undertakes the heavy responsibility of new product development and transformation; Aluminum strip company in the full promotion of aluminum furniture, photovoltaic bracket business at the same time, the main product output reached a record high, not only to achieve a profit, but also to promote the concept of green aluminum, to establish a corporate image to contribute. As a pilot unit of market-oriented reform, the next step, aluminum strip company to obtain high-quality orders, create benefits on the basis of ensuring stable production, innovation, research and development of new products, open up new markets.
Wang Kaifeng stressed that the achievements have not come easily, and we should strive to be strong. All cadres and employees of the company should unify their thinking, strengthen their confidence, correctly face the adverse impact of relevant historical problems on the company's production and operation, carefully follow through, and do a good job in production and operation, safety and environmental protection; We should attach great importance to the relevant requirements of Yuefeng Aluminum Group and Yuefeng Aluminum shares, claim the task, and implement it; It is necessary to learn from the audit work of the graphitized cathode project, make changes, draw lessons from one another, further standardize the contract signing, process approval and other matters in the construction of key projects, and carry out work in accordance with the law and compliance.
For the next step, Wang Kaifeng put forward specific requirements:
First, maintain the "wartime status", always like an arrow on the string. Since September, the company has carried out theme education, and all units should overcome difficulties, maintain high morale, continue to grit their teeth, so that the project promotion is not sloppy, the key work is not lax, and the production and learning are not wrong.
The second is to maintain the profit momentum and complete the annual production task. At present, the situation of the aluminum industry is improving, relying on the wind to travel well, all units should strictly implement and carefully implement the established goals of the company, maintain the stability of the production of the main products, and strictly control expenses and costs.
Third, we must maintain our utmost efforts and accelerate key work. The key work of the company is promoted at the same time, the task is complex, the more difficult, the more to make good use of overall thinking, grasp the details, not afraid of hardship, say and do, and build the project into a world-class model of green electrolytic aluminum.
The fourth is to maintain the "employee-centered" development idea, so as to increase the efficiency of enterprises and increase the income of employees. We should continue to make efforts in production and operation, create greater benefits, and let employees share the development dividend. It is necessary to do a good job in the "two-section" welfare distribution work, do good things, do practical things, and make employees satisfied.
Fifth, maintain safe production and achieve intrinsic safety. It is necessary to carefully do a good job of safety work from the beginning, implement safety responsibilities, do a good job of safety inspection before the "two sections", remind employees to travel safety, prohibit drunk driving and work, and ensure safe production and stability.
Wang Kaifeng also explained the relevant work to maintain risk control efforts and achieve legal compliance and other matters.
Yuefeng Aluminum Qinghai company leaders Liu Lin, Liu Qiang, Wang Hui attended the meeting, the middle level of all units, as well as the middle management of the project management center and the relevant personnel of the enterprise management department and marketing procurement Department attended the meeting.
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