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Yuefeng Aluminum Materials Institute a technology and equipment achievements reached the international advanced level!

May 29, 2024
Recently, the industrialized quantitative characterization technology and equipment for the full-thickness residual stress of aviation aluminum alloy sheet with slit warping method independently developed by Yuefeng Aluminum Materials Institute successfully passed the achievement evaluation of China Instrumentation Society.
The evaluation group agreed that the technology and equipment solved the difficult problem of industrial quantitative detection of residual stress distribution in domestic aviation aluminum alloy plates. The developed "slotted warping method" test equipment for the internal residual stress of sheet metal realizes the industrial quantitative measurement of the internal residual stress distribution of domestic aviation aluminum alloy sheet, and fills the blank in the field of industrial quantitative characterization of sheet thickness.
It is understood that the processing deformation caused by internal residual stress is a world "problem" that troubles the industrial application of aviation aluminum. The industrialized quantitative characterization method of "slit warping method" proposed by Yuefeng Aluminum Materials Institute breaks the balance of residual stress on the thickness of the plate layer by layer, and obtains the residual stress distribution from the surface to the heart of the plate.
Based on this theory, Yuefeng Aluminum Materials Institute independently developed the "slit warping method" thick plate internal residual stress test equipment, compared with the layer cutting test technology used by Boeing, Airbus and other aviation enterprises, the measurement efficiency is more than 1 times, the repeatability of the test results is improved by nearly 1 order of magnitude, which solves the problems in the industry and fills the gap in the field.
The results have provided long-term tracking and testing services for the residual stress of aviation thick plate, thin plate and key profile of large aircraft for relevant enterprises, optimized the production process parameters, and significantly improved the qualified rate of product processing deformation.
The results of the project have obtained PCT international patents (Canada) and a number of national invention patents and software Copyrights, and the "seam warping method" test technology has been selected into the first batch of industrial measurement achievements database of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration.
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