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Yuefeng Aluminum once again received the NADCAP-NDT 18-month certification cycle award

August 19, 2023
Recently, it was learned from eAuditnet, the official website of PRI (Quality Assessment Association) certification, that Yuefeng Aluminum successfully passed Nadcap-NDT (Non-destructive testing) special process certification audit, and won the 18-month certification cycle award again after 2022.
Nadcap-NDT certification is a necessary condition for suppliers, passing the Nadcap-NDT certification marks that Yuefeng Aluminum has the access conditions for cooperation with civil HK projects, and provides a prerequisite for Yuefeng aluminum products to enter the domestic and foreign civil HK field. Nadcap-NDT certification is different from other certifications in that it goes deeper and focuses more on every part of the process, including qualification/certification, process control, equipment calibration, system performance and actual testing of hardware. In order to receive the Nadcap-NDT certification bonus of 18 months certification cycle, you must ensure that no more than 1 major nonconformance per audit, no more than 4 nonconformance in total, and 2 consecutive audits meet the requirement. In order to ensure the certification audit, the quality management center fully prepared for the preliminary certification audit, held a special layout meeting, set up a special audit team, and reconfirmed and improved the equipment status, product requirements, process control, personnel qualifications and other aspects to ensure that each detail and each link meet the audit requirements. With the joint efforts of everyone, after the comprehensive review of the audit team experts, we finally passed the audit successfully, and once again won the 18-month certification cycle award.
The 18-month certification cycle was awarded again, indicating the maintenance ability of Yuefeng Aluminum Nadcap NDT project, laying a solid foundation for Yuefeng Aluminum to further expand the domestic and foreign civil aviation market and effectively enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprise products.
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