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Yuefeng Aluminum was awarded the certificate of "Single Champion of Chinese Manufacturing Industry"

June 2, 2023
Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and sponsored by China Federation of Industrial Economics, the 2023 Manufacturing Individual champion Enterprise Experience Exchange meeting and award ceremony was held in Jining, Shandong Province. This event is the palace of glory for China's manufacturing champions. Individual manufacturing champions from all walks of life gather here: decorative aluminum profile Yuefeng aluminum, new energy car BYD, Xiaomi, Sany Heavy Industry, DJI, etc. This is China's manufacturing champions Tiantuan, they hold up the backbone of high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry.
Vice Minister Xu pointed out that individual champion enterprises are an important force to promote high-quality development and play a prominent role in building a strong manufacturing country.
Vice Minister Xu encouraged the entrepreneurs present to give full play to their entrepreneurial spirit and craftsman spirit, build unique skills and core strength, and make individual champion contribution to the realization of high-quality development.
Li Yizhong, former Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and President of China Federation of Industrial Economics, expressed warm congratulations to all the individual champion enterprises, and delivered a keynote speech "Focusing on specialization, Excellence and Innovation, Toward World Class, Building a Modern Industrial system". President Li elaborated from three aspects:
First, put the "pilot enterprise cultivation project" in the overall situation of building a modern industrial system
Thus it can be seen that individual champion enterprises are duty-bound.
2. The benchmarking effect of individual champion in manufacturing industry has been obviously brought into play, and the development potential is huge
Economic development needs individual champions, Germany, Japan and other developed countries have been successful examples. Developing individual champions in manufacturing is both urgent and long-term. The 339 individual champions selected this time (including Xinhe Aluminum) highlight independent innovation, domestic substitution, international competition, strong chain complement, quantity and quality increase. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Innovation-driven, with obvious competitive advantages
More than 95% of the individual champion enterprises are national high-tech enterprises, and the number of patents and the number of leading standards are far ahead.
Strong chain complement chain, chain coordinated development
Break through the core key technologies, realize domestic substitution, and take the initiative to act as a strong chain reinforcement of the key links of the industry.
Focus on the main business, leading the global market
In the past three years, the average global market share of the single champion enterprises has reached 22%, 24% and 26%, increasing year by year, and 65.7% of them occupy the first place in the global market!
Focus on quality and efficiency, stable economic indicators
Excellent product quality, new products brand increase benefits, financial capital structure is sound.
3. The champion enterprise of a single event should take the construction of a world-class specialized and unique new enterprise as the strategic guidance
World-class enterprises have the advanced nature of global vision, in the core quality, operational performance and comprehensive value creation, in the field of the first level. First-class enterprise is the industry, through unremitting efforts, can learn to reach. Promote intelligent manufacturing and pursue quality excellence; Create a well-known brand, enhance the competitiveness of the international market; Enhance the capacity of independent innovation, strengthen the chain; To standardize and efficient corporate governance to stimulate the internal power of enterprises.
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