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Yuefeng Aluminum Technology automotive panel project won the China Nonferrous Metal Industry Quality Engineering Award

June 2, 2023
Recently, the China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association released the 2022-2023 Nonferrous metal industry quality project commendation list, and the automotive lightweight plate and strip production line project invested by Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. was the only nonferrous metal processing project on the list.
Through the procedures of preliminary examination, review, expert review and publicity, a total of 19 projects (a total of 20 sub-items) have been selected this year, covering 8 categories such as non-ferrous smelting and mining, non-ferrous processing, carbon projects, new materials and environmental protection projects, which are all quality projects completed in the construction of non-ferrous metal industry in the past two years.
This project is located in Yuefeng Aluminum Science and Technology Blue Park Factory, as the second phase of the overall plan of Yuefeng Aluminum Science and Technology Blue Park Factory, is a complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept of Yuefeng Group, the implementation of the national "double carbon" strategy, to create a "low-carbon, intelligent" aluminum production base for transportation; Yuefeng Aluminum actively responded to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, firmly grasped the market opportunity brought by automobile lightweight for aluminum alloy application, implemented the specific measures of high quality and concursive development of Yuefeng Group, which is conducive to accelerate product transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment of Yuefeng Aluminum.
Early in the construction of the project, Yuefeng Aluminum has established the goal of "China Nonferrous metal industry (ministerial) quality project". Construction process always adhere to the "quality from science and technology and details" of quality concept, carry forward the "immediately do real work" style, in the joint efforts of the participating units, the car board project into a boutique project, become stronger, better and bigger "high-end aluminum substitute import" firm practitioner. In the construction and installation project implementation process, 9 of the 10 new technologies in the construction industry, such as foundation and underground space technology, steel and concrete technology, formwork and scaffold technology, are applied. Strengthen the quality control to achieve the pile foundation test qualified rate of 100%, steel nondestructive test qualified rate of 100%, high-strength bolt perforation rate of 100% and other excellent indicators; Through the optimization of the building scheme and the deepening of the node design, the construction process actively promotes the four new technologies, which makes the traditional industrial projects glow with new highlights. At the same time, the project takes the high starting point as the benchmark, all the main equipment is imported, and the technical equipment capability reaches the international advanced level. The project innovatively adopts the "flexible production process", which separates the continuous heat treatment production line and the continuous surface cleaning line, and extensively applies the new control model technologies such as static and static pressure, heat conduction, tension matching and velocity matching. By the end of 2019, the construction task was completed with high quality, high efficiency and safety, and trial production was realized. The project won the China Nonferrous Metal Industry Quality Engineering Award, which affirmed that the project design level is advanced, the construction quality is excellent, the industrial project has reached the production standard, and the use effect is good, which is the affirmation of the project.
Early in the project construction stage, Yuefeng Aluminum adopted the project management mode of "sales + technology" in the business development of automobile plate market. Now, it has formed a coordinated and unified management mechanism with efficient operation. Through the implementation of "project system", it has effectively solved the industry problem of "those who do not know how to make cars and those who do not know how to make cars". Realized the effective docking of material enterprises and car manufacturing enterprises, has passed the certification of automobile main engine factory nearly 20, has obtained more than 20 models of material fixed point. In 2022, the company will complete a 618% year-on-year increase in the supply of automotive panels in 2021, and become the first echelon supplier of automotive aluminum in China.
On the basis of the accumulation of ministerial quality engineering experience, in order to give full play to Yuefeng Aluminum's existing car board main plant certification and market development advantages, the construction of the 2# Retainer line project started on May 6, 2023, Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to write a new chapter in the new development blueprint.
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