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Yuefeng Aluminum was selected as the "science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises" list

April 24, 2023
Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced that Jiangsu Province 2023 the second batch of storage of science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises list, Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. successfully selected, won the honorary title of "science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises".
Technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises refer to those that rely on a large number of scientific and technological personnel to engage in scientific and technological research and development activities, obtain independent intellectual property rights and convert them into high-tech products or services, so as to achieve sustainable development.
The successful selection, fully reflects the technology innovation ability and comprehensive competitive advantage of Yuefeng Aluminum, highlighting the position of the industry, not only the relevant functional departments and the industry on the existing technological achievements, science and technology content, innovation ability and other aspects of Jingubeauty, but also to help Yuefeng aluminum to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, new technology upgrading, continuous improvement of enterprise innovation ability to give high hopes.
As the unit participating in the preparation of the national light metal standards, Yuefeng Aluminum has been highly recognized by the market and the industry for its advantages such as large enterprise scale, long establishment time, complete industrial chain, strong technical strength, strict quality control, fine cost control and enterprise reputation.
Especially in the past two years, Yuefeng Aluminum to find the right market positioning, to promote the development of the industry as its own duty, a large number of reform and expansion, strong and rapid rise, toward the goal of becoming the head of the industry.
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