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Yuefeng Group received institutional investigation involving recycled aluminum and special master alloy projects

March 7, 2024
Yuefeng Group released a record form of investor relations activities. The company was surveyed by 23 institutions on March 5, 2024. The types of institutions are QFII, insurance companies, others, fund companies, overseas institutions, securities companies, and sunshine private equity institutions. Introduction to the main contents of investor relations activities:
Question: What is the company’s performance and driving factors in 2023?
Answer: The company released its 2023 annual performance report on February 7, 2024. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after excluding equity incentive expenses was 211.84 million yuan, an increase of 61.69% over the same period last year and an increase of 11.77% month-on-month. , has achieved four consecutive quarters of quarter-on-quarter growth. For the whole year of 2023, the company achieved total operating income of 23,679.47 million yuan, an increase of 10.80% over the same period last year; excluding equity incentive expenses, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 710.45 million yuan, an increase of 15.63% over the same period last year. In 2023, benefiting from the recovery of the downstream automobile industry chain and the continued release of new energy and high-end market demand, the company's lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, recycled cast aluminum alloys, high-end grain refiners, aerospace-grade special master alloys and other products continue to have sales Growth, with the addition of new products and new technology upgrades and empowerment, accelerated market development, optimization and adjustment of product and customer structure, and enhanced cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, the company's gross profit margin has steadily increased, profitability has further improved, and various performance levels have reached record highs. .
Question: What are the company’s development goals and strategies for 2024?
Answer: In 2024, the company will continue to adhere to its market positioning as a "global supplier of new materials and automotive lightweight parts", further improve its global production capacity layout, and improve the company's international competitiveness; continue to expand and deepen the new energy vehicle market, and accelerate its growth. Switch to high value-added products such as pressing, forging, high-end, and large sizes; make full use of the advantages of the industrial chain to increase the market share of low-carbon and green aluminum alloy wheels; strengthen strategic cooperation and market expansion, and fully realize the mass production of heat-treatment-free alloy materials ; Make use of the advantages of domestic and foreign recycled aluminum procurement and sorting bases to provide global resource guarantees for the company's low-carbon and sustainable development; vigorously develop new energy vehicles by focusing on heat-free alloy materials and new materials with high thermal conductivity and high conductivity aluminum alloys. and 3C product aluminum alloy material application fields; continue to increase the research and development and market development of high-end functional master alloy materials, further increase the market share of high-end master alloy products, and fully realize the three major areas of aluminum alloy wheels, recycled cast aluminum alloys and functional master alloys The development goal is to increase both the volume and price of the main business.
Question: The current competitive advantages and market promotion status of the company’s heat-treatable alloys.
Answer: The company has a first-mover advantage in the field of heat treatment-free alloys. At present, it has developed multiple varieties and series of large-scale integrated die-cast heat treatment-free aluminum alloys and other new materials through independent research and development, joint research and development with users, and cooperation with Tsinghua University, which can meet the different designs of customers. and the technical, performance and quality requirements of various integrated die-casting parts to achieve the goal of providing customers with multiple varieties and customized services. In order to continue to meet the market demand of customers to reduce costs and reduce carbon emissions, as well as the future integrated die-casting requirements for the improvement of composite properties such as low carbonization, corrosion resistance, and high heat dissipation of heat-free materials, the company continues to strengthen the longitudinal and in-depth research and development of heat-free alloy materials. We also carry out horizontal expansion cooperation with strategic partners to further realize the iteration of multiple varieties and composite products of heat-treatment-free alloys, and continue to maintain the company's leading industry position and competitive advantages. In terms of marketing, the company's heat-treatment-free materials have enabled batch supply of battery pack bracket structural parts. In terms of large structural parts, the company is currently promoting multiple series of heat-free alloy materials simultaneously to meet customers' different parts performance choices. The company has currently carried out business negotiations, material and component verification with new forces and new energy vehicle companies, large die-casting plants and technology companies such as CTC, CTB and CTP on integrated die-casting heat-treatment-free alloy materials, and accelerated the development of multiple customers And the project has been implemented at the designated location, and everything is progressing smoothly.
Question: What are the company’s advantages in recycling and utilization of recycled aluminum resources?
Answer: With the gradual implementation of the national "dual carbon dual control" and renewable resource utilization policies, the recycled aluminum industry has ushered in new development opportunities. The company is a leader in the domestic recycled aluminum alloy industry and has strong recycled aluminum processing capabilities. , can achieve the harmlessness of harmful trace elements, the beneficialization of harmless elements, and the efficiency of beneficial elements, greatly improving the use capacity of recycled aluminum. In terms of recycled aluminum resource recycling layout, the company will give full play to the regional advantages of its 20 domestic factories and recycled aluminum recycling trading platform to further enhance the recycling of recycled aluminum resources within the regional radius; at the same time, it will continue to expand the three major recycling companies in Baoding, Jiangsu and Thailand. The construction of aluminum procurement, sorting and processing bases will speed up the recycling and processing of recycled aluminum in Mexico, providing global resource guarantee for the company's low-carbon and sustainable development.
Question: What is the market situation of the company’s aerospace grade special master alloys?
Answer: The aerospace-grade special master alloys developed and produced by the company are mainly used in the aerospace titanium alloy and high-temperature alloy fields, and have been successfully used indirectly to manufacture aircraft engine exhaust plugs, engine fan blades, nozzle components, landing gear, and brakes. Disks and fasteners and other key parts. This product has the characteristics of high industry difficulty, large barriers, small market size, and high product added value. In recent years, the company has continuously increased its market development efforts for aerospace-grade special master alloys, and its production and sales have continued to increase rapidly. In the future, with the rapid development of my country's aerospace field, the company will further promote the release of production capacity of aerospace-grade special master alloys to meet the needs of high-temperature applications. Alloys and titanium alloys market demand for high-end master alloy materials.
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