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Yuefeng Group's "integrated die-casting" overall solution was released in Changchun

March 1, 2024
On February 27, Yuefeng Group officially released the "integrated die-casting" overall solution independently developed by its subsidiary Yuefeng in Changchun. This project relies on Yuefeng Aluminum's 36 years of experience in the automotive parts industry, achieving a highly integrated design of nearly a hundred parts. Through self-developed and self-made my country's largest two-plate die-casting machine, the world's first heavy-duty die-casting machine in the automotive manufacturing industry was produced. Integrated castings help reshape the traditional manufacturing process of automobiles.
At the press conference, Yuefeng Group also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with FAW Group and Leapmotor, and will carry out in-depth cooperation to accelerate technology iteration and product verification, and promote the marketization of innovative results. Yuefeng Group stated that it will continue to improve its systematic capabilities in marketing, manufacturing, testing, and management of new products, expand its product lineup, and work side by side with all partners to achieve win-win cooperation and continue to contribute "Yuefeng wisdom" to the high-quality development of the automotive industry. .
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