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Yuefeng lightweight base delegation to Germany exchange investigation

June 20, 2023
From June 10 to 16, the Deputy general manager of Jiangsu Yuefeng New Materials Company and the dean of Yuefeng (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Institute and Yuefeng Lightweight Base delegation went to Germany for exchange and investigation.
Join hands with leading companies to promote global cooperation
From June 12 to 13, the delegation visited the 2023 Dusseldorf International Foundry Exhibition (GIFA) in Germany, which is currently the largest and most influential international foundry exhibition in the world. Messe Dusseldorf, the organizer of the exhibition, held a welcoming ceremony for the delegation's visit.
Yuefeng Aluminum said at the welcome ceremony that it hopes to conduct in-depth exchanges with excellent enterprises from around the world, strengthen cooperation, and share Yuefeng's innovation results and concepts. In the interview, the development status and innovation achievements of Yuefeng were introduced, and the determination of the group to adhere to the path of sustainable development was emphasized. Representatives of Dusseldorf City Economic Promotion Bureau attended the welcoming ceremony.
During the visit, the delegation had in-depth exchanges and discussions with well-known enterprises and institutions such as Raffmetal Company, UAE Global Aluminum Company, Norsk Hydro Company, Rheinfeld Metal Company, Gautschi Company and German Foundry Association.
Promote production, research and application, a total of industry problems
On 14 and 15 June, the mission visited the Aluminium Industry Research Cluster (AMAP) in Aachen. Core members of AMAP, including the Institute of Automotive Research at RWTH Aachen University, the Institute of Metallurgical Process Engineering and Metal Recycling at RWTH Aachen University, Ford, Toyota, and Noma, attended the meeting.
It is hoped that in the future, we will strengthen R&D cooperation and personnel training with foreign universities and research institutions, deeply promote the integration of production, university and research, and solve the problems of the industry, leading the aluminum industry to actively transform to low-carbon environmental protection and green sustainable direction. During the period, Yuefeng and Professor Hirt, director of the Institute of Metal Forming (IBF) of RWTH Aachen University, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation, and the two sides will carry out long-term cooperation in the future in the cooperative research and development of molding processing technology and personnel training. Yuefeng (Suzhou) Lightweight Research Institute also held an on-site job fair in Aachen to attract overseas talents in the field of high-performance metal materials.
During their visit to Aachen, the team also visited the Institute of Welding and Joining Technology, the Institute of Casting and the Institute of Metallurgical Process Engineering and Metal Recycling at RWTH Aachen University to discuss future cooperation opportunities with professors and researchers.
Explore cutting-edge technologies and grasp the direction of development
On June 16, the delegation visited the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Automation (IPA) and the Baden-Wurttemberg Business Science Promotion Agency (Bwi), visited cutting-edge research in the field of automation including robotics, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, and learned about the business environment and scientific and technological innovation strategies in Baden-Wurttemberg.
The leaders of Yuefong visited the headquarters of FEV, e.G. Mobile and NednedSchroef in the Netherlands, visited the production lines, R&D centers and innovative project demonstrations of European companies, and exchanged and discussed with company leaders and technical experts.
Through exchanges with downstream customer enterprises, the delegation gained an in-depth understanding of the latest automotive manufacturing technology, intelligent driving systems and sustainable development solutions.
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