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Yuefeng Group's new energy layout is the next city, to invest 600 million yuan to build high-performance aluminum alloy new material project

June 20, 2023
On the evening of June 19, Yuefeng Group announced that the company signed a project cooperation agreement with Chongqing Sharing Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. to invest in the construction of a new material project with an annual output of 100,000 tons of high-performance aluminum alloy in Qingfeng Science and Technology Innovation City, Shapingba District.
The announcement shows that Yuefeng Group plans to use a total land area of about 63 acres, divided into two phases of construction, the first phase of planning to build a production capacity of 50,000 tons, around new energy vehicles and integrated die casting with heat treatment free aluminum alloy materials, high-performance aluminum alloy new materials and other products production, research and development, to create intelligent digital factories; In the second phase, according to the market situation, expand the production site, and simultaneously build R & D, office and other supporting facilities. The project plans a total investment of 600 million yuan, and is planned for trial production in 2024 and formal production in 2025.
The relevant person in charge of Yuefeng Group said: "Chongqing Shapingba District Qingfeng Science and Technology innovation City is the national industrial transformation demonstration park, Chongqing intelligent network auto core parts characteristic industry construction base and Chongqing industrial design industrial park, its focus on the development of intelligent network new energy vehicles, medical equipment two leading industries, has introduced a number of leading enterprises such as Selis, Wencan shares, Topu Group. According to its own industrial planning and development needs, through the comprehensive investigation and evaluation of the investment environment of Qingfeng Science and Technology Innovation City in Shapingba District of Chongqing, the company decided to rely on its advantages in scientific research, production and market channels to invest in a new project with an annual output of 100,000 tons of high-performance aluminum alloy new materials."
With the proposal of dual-carbon and dual-control policies, as well as the further promotion of new energy and clean energy concepts, on the basis of traditional aluminum, new energy vehicles, clean energy power generation, consumer electronics, high-end equipment manufacturing and aerospace and other industries have put forward higher requirements for aluminum quality, which has increased the market demand for high-end functional intermediate alloy products.
In the face of growing market demand, Yuefeng Group continues to improve the industrial layout of high-performance aluminum alloy business, accelerate the construction of new projects, and enhance market position and profitability.
Yuefeng Group said: "The company gives full play to the advantages of more than 20 domestic factories and recycled aluminum recycling trading platforms to further expand and strengthen the domestic recycled aluminum recycling market; At the same time, speed up Thailand's recycled aluminum recycling and capacity construction, to achieve the double cycle development of domestic and foreign recycled aluminum resources. In 2022, the company's procurement of recycled aluminum raw materials achieved 566,300 tons, and the proportion of recycled aluminum use continued to increase. Professional recycled aluminum recycling and utilization capabilities will provide strong strategic support for the company's low-carbon aluminum alloy wheels and heat-treat-free recycled aluminum alloy and other products to further meet the needs of the development of "zero carbon" automotive parts."
"In addition, the company continues to promote the layout in the field of new energy vehicles, and has now become a supporting supplier of casting aluminum alloy materials for new energy vehicle enterprises such as NIO, Xiaopeng, and BYD." At the same time, functional intermediate alloy products have been stably applied in new energy vehicle battery foils; In addition, the company's aluminum alloy wheels have provided supporting services for many new energy vehicle enterprises such as BYD, NiO, Ideal, Xiaopeng, polar Krypton, Nezha, and completed the factory certification of an international head new energy vehicle enterprise. The company's in-depth cooperation with new energy vehicle customers will lay the foundation for the company's product certification and marketing of new materials for non-heat treatment alloy materials and lithium sodium batteries." The person in charge of Yuefeng Group further said.
It is worth mentioning that in the context of dual-carbon, lightweight is the general trend of the development of the automotive industry, and in the process of achieving lightweight, integrated die-casting technology is the key.
Yuefeng Group said that the rapid development of new energy vehicles has made the automotive industry's demand for lightweight increasingly urgent, thus accelerating the application of integrated die casting in new energy vehicles, and bringing great development opportunities for the application of heat-free alloys. As a pioneer in the end of integrated die casting non-heat treatment materials, the company has taken the lead in realizing the market-oriented application of non-heat treatment alloys. The company actively promotes project cooperation with downstream die casting plants and automobile Ovens, and has signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with Wencan Group Co., LTD. Strategic cooperation has been established in the field of material development and process application of large integrated body structure parts for new energy vehicles and integrated casting battery boxes.
"At the same time, with the rich customer resources of new energy vehicles, the company has cooperated with many downstream OECs and die casting plants, and completed the preliminary verification of a number of new energy vehicles and traditional vehicles rear longitudinal beams, rear bottom plates, battery packs, front cabin upper beams, shock absorbing towers and other projects; At the same time, the company is also actively strengthening cooperation with CTC, CTB, CTP technology companies, and continue to accelerate the market promotion and mass production process of non-heat treatment alloys." The relevant person in charge of Yuefeng Group introduced.
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