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Home - News - Longkou, Shandong: The output value of the aluminum industry exceeded 86 billion yuan last year, and the high-end aluminum material industry relied on scientific and technological innovation to achieve a jump in value

Longkou, Shandong: The output value of the aluminum industry exceeded 86 billion yuan last year, and the high-end aluminum material industry relied on scientific and technological innovation to achieve a jump in value

June 20, 2023
Among the "ten industrial chains" that Longkou strives to create, the high-end aluminum material industry is the most eye-catching one. Last year, the output value of Longkou aluminum industry reached 86.056 billion yuan, which is launching a strong impact on the scale of 100 billion yuan.
From low-end primary raw materials to high value-added products, Longkou aluminum industry is ushering in a gorgeous turn. As the only city in the world with a complete layout of the aluminum industry chain in the same region, as large as aircraft wing profiles, "EMU" car body profiles, as small as ten times thinner than the diameter of the hair of the aluminum foil, as long as you can think of aluminum products, almost can be found in Longkou.
From nothing to nothing, from zero to 100 billion, from tons to grams to sell, from "Longkou manufacturing" to "Longkou intelligent manufacturing", Longkou high-end aluminum material industry relies on scientific and technological innovation to achieve a jump in value, has become a bright business card of Longkou industry.
Go abroad to compete for the international market
It's a hot summer day. In the production workshop of Shandong Yuefeng Lightweight Equipment Co., LTD., in Jungjun Industrial Park, Zhuyouguan Town, a large aluminum alloy component for the subway body is being welded and processed methodically.
"This is the profile we produced for Alstom's Maya Metro project in Mexico, a total of 42 columns. After a month of overtime production, the delivery of the first two columns was completed ahead of schedule." The person in charge of the production of the enterprise said that the profile of the Maya subway project has a large cross-section, high precision requirements, and the difficulty of welding processing has been greatly improved. "Through repeated experimental demonstration of the welding process and processing technology, we summarized a set of efficient and reliable process methods to ensure the smooth delivery of products, which has been recognized by customers."
Yuefeng is a national high-tech enterprise. On the basis of deep cultivation in the domestic market, it has also made breakthroughs in overseas markets in recent years. Its overseas orders are mainly for subway, intercity trains, trams and other rail transit car body materials, parts welding and processing, signal systems and power pipes, products are used in France, Spain, Vietnam, Mexico, Tanzania and other countries in the field of rail transit.
The overseas rail transit market is booming, and the company currently has orders on hand until 2026. "The delivery cycle of rail transit orders is longer, and we expect shipments to increase significantly this year compared with last year."
"It's good to lean against the tree for shade. We rely on Yuefeng Aluminum's strong aluminum alloy material research and development and production advantages and technical equipment advantages, actively extend the industrial chain." Yuefeng Aluminum not only provides financial support for the group, but also provides a full range of marketing support for the company, the development and establishment of marketing networks, "there are industry fairs, we are focused on promoting."
Deep cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises
In Longkou Bright Metal Container Co., LTD., the machine rumbles in the production workshop, the basic cover punching machine, rotary table, automatic cover balancing system and basic cover coating visual inspection, light inspection machine and other production equipment, fast and orderly operation. A board of finished products are placed neatly, quality control personnel are strictly sampling the finished products... Song Shizhan, general manager of the company, is discussing the problem of lightweight metal packaging with technical personnel.
Brit is a gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province and a national high-tech enterprise. It provides easy-to-pull cover and bottom cover for many well-known beverage brands such as Red Bull, Want Want, Yang Yuan, etc. The annual output value of the enterprise is more than 600 million yuan. "Brit settled in Longkou, looking at the industrial base of the aluminum industry here." Song Shizhan said.
Nanshan Aluminum's continuous breakthroughs in aviation aluminum, rail transit aluminum, ultra-thin aluminum and other fields have attracted many related enterprises to settle down. Bo Ret, terene aluminum, Ao Ruijin and so on are the downstream customers of Nanshan Aluminum industry, and now they have made a world in the packaging aluminum industry.
"The entire industrial chain benefits from Nanshan Aluminum's research and development capabilities. Take a small can pull ring as an example, Nanshan Aluminum industry produces aluminum strip, the downstream Sanyuan Aluminum industry will process the aluminum strip into the pull ring, we will process the pull ring material into the pull ring." Song Shizhan said that if the customer put forward the demand to reduce the pull ring, they will feedback the demand to ternary aluminum, ternary aluminum to Nanshan aluminum to reduce the demand for aluminum, Nanshan aluminum will update the production process in time to produce thinner aluminum strip.
Song Shizhan introduced that the research and development process requires repeated communication between professional and technical personnel of Nanshan, Sanyuan and Beaut. "Because of the advantages of the regional cluster, the three companies can quickly and effectively communicate with each other about the problems arising in research and development, and can also conduct field research at each production link at any time to improve the efficiency of research and development."
This year, the company invested 3 million yuan in a new set of easy cover mold equipment, the use of international high-end new technology, the application of new materials, the soda cap was introduced to the Longkou factory, the production of easy cover for beer, the cover thickness of 0.22 mm. After 2024, the annual output value of the enterprise can reach 760 million yuan.
Add "Pearl in the crown of industry"
In the Nanshan aluminum production workshop, a square of aluminum ingots after hot rolling into a piece of about 28 meters long, weighing about 7 tons, the thickness of 60 millimeters of aviation sheet. This is a process similar to "rolling pastry" in life, the difference is that the aviation plate for "rolling" requirements are strict, must be zero error.
"We have been involved in the research and development of the domestic large aircraft C919 since 2017." Lu Zhengfeng, chairman of Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., LTD., said that in the process of overcoming difficulties, the company successfully broke through the key core technology of aluminum profiles used in domestic aviation wings and overcome a number of technical problems in the industry.
The manufacturing of large passenger aircraft is known as the "pearl in the industrial crown" because of its complex and cutting-edge technology, and it is a complex system engineering across disciplines, industries and regions. Since March 2017, Nanshan Aluminum began to participate in the research and development of C919, has passed the certification of 2 series and 7 series of alloy models of thick plate and sheet products, and has begun to batch supply, products are mainly used in fuselage frame, partition, wing panel, wing SPAR and wing rib and other parts. Among them, 7 series aluminum alloy thick plates have been applied to the production of C919, ARJ21 and other models.
At present, Nanshan Aluminum has successively passed the aluminum profile certification project of Airbus and China commercial aircraft wing girder, and gradually began to supply in 2019. In March 2019, COMAC and Nanshan Aluminum also cooperated to build the "Joint Research Center for Aluminum Alloy Materials for Civil Aircraft". As a new scientific research and innovation platform, the research center is committed to establishing and improving China's aviation material industry chain service system with the goal of complete localization of aluminum for civil aircraft, while making full use of the experience accumulated by COMAC in aircraft manufacturing and Nanshan Aluminum's technical advantages in aluminum alloy products for aircraft. Strive to build a world-class civil aviation aluminum alloy materials research center.
At present, Nanshan Aluminum also provides aviation materials for Boeing, Airbus, COMAC and other world-renowned Oems, and the company's aviation board business will expand with the market scale of domestic large aircraft.
In addition to the deep cultivation of aviation materials, Nanshan Aluminum is also the first domestic passenger car four-door two-cover aluminum plate manufacturer, is currently the only domestic enterprise that can supply automotive plates in bulk. At present, Nanshan Aluminum is steadily promoting the construction of the third phase of the automotive panel project, with the goal of "building a world-class high-end aluminum base", and strive to build the country's largest production capacity and the most complete lightweight aluminum strip base.
The high-end lightweight aluminum strip project in Nanshan Aviation Materials Industrial Park has been rapidly promoted since it started on February 14. After the project is completed, its products will cover key aluminum alloy materials such as large-scale aluminum alloy plates for aerospace and lightweight aluminum alloy outer plates for automobiles, filling the gap in domestic high-end products.
At present, Longkou aluminum industry has gradually formed the world's only region with thermoelectricity, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, melting casting, aluminum profile/hot rolling - cold rolling - foil rolling/forging, scrap aluminum recycling (recycling) complete aluminum processing industry chain with the shortest distance.
Up to now, Longkou aluminum industry products cover more than 100 series, more than 6,000 specifications, covering aerospace, rail transit, auto parts and lightweight, shipbuilding and other application scenarios. Under the "double carbon" goal, the wind of green economy blows throughout the Longkou aluminum industry. Today, the recycling of recycled aluminum with the support of science and technology is becoming a new direction of industrial development.
The city is also focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of development, promoting the high-end aluminum material industry to further enter the international, military, and cutting-edge fields, transforming to high-tech and high value-added products, enhancing the core competitiveness at home and abroad, and making every effort to build "100 billion" industrial clusters.
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