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Yuefeng Aluminum company aluminum coil products are sold to South Korea

June 20, 2023
In May, Yuefeng Aluminum Company's aluminum coil products were sold to the South Korean market through the Shanghai port. A total of 630 tons of aluminum coils were exported this time, increasing profits by 100,000 yuan year-on-year. This marks the further expansion of the aluminum and magnesium alloy new material plate of Yuefeng Aluminum Company in the international market.
Go around the market and follow the market. Since the beginning of this year, Yuefeng Aluminum Company in the consolidation of the "Yangtze River Delta" sales market at the same time, re-layout of the northeast region of Shenyang market, actively expand, closely focus on the market to grasp production and sales. In production and operation management, we should pay close attention to market changes, implement sales pricing and sales promotion, increase production internally and increase sales externally. The company strengthened the production organization and marketing, grasp the production connection, to ensure that the annual production of casting and rolling to achieve 114,000 tons, and pay attention to production efficiency, strengthen process management, compression casting and rolling break plate, roll and cold rolling change filter paper, aluminum coil in and out of the annealing furnace and other process operation time, develop large-scale product orders, and gradually improve the efficiency. In addition, the company grasp the product yield, improve the product pass rate, reduce the furnace loss.
On the basis of the successful research and development of 8011 air conditioning foil billet last year, Yuefeng Aluminum Company seized the opportunity to seize new product research and development, and constantly increased market development efforts, and gradually formed the main product of production and marketing. The company focuses on product structure optimization, increases the market development of 3-series products, and increases the proportion of 3-series products to more than 30% to improve the added value of products. At the same time, pay close attention to the improvement of product conversion rate, develop non-annealed H118 products, thick product orders, to ensure that the cold mill is running at full load. In terms of management, Yuefeng Aluminum Company implements "three-dimensional" benchmarking action, horizontally benchmarking with advanced enterprises in the same industry, vertical benchmarking "horse racing" activities in each workshop, each team and each post, encouraging advanced, pushing backward, carrying out historical benchmarking, and benchmarking with the historical indicators of the best years of the unit to achieve self-transcendence.
Yuefeng aluminum company to product quality guarantee the market, give full play to the advantages of the product itself, with the continuous expansion of the market, the number of orders in hand has increased. Based on the internal and external markets, adhere to the "quality first" as the direction of efforts, what the market needs to produce what, after the success of the "beach" foreign markets, to provide more quality products, more quality services, the foreign market expansion.
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